How to set up Passbook in iOS 6

Use Passbook

Apple first announced Passbook at the introduction of iOS 6 back in June, but beta releases offered little information on how to actually use the new feature. The app itself does little by itself, instead relying on secondary Passbook-ready apps to push information to Passbook. There are a handful of Passbook ready apps available, which include airlines, retail stores like Walgreens and Target, along with the movie ticket app Fandango. So as one author was tired and in desperate need of caffeine, I took a trip to Starbucks to figure out how to set-up Passbook in iOS 6 for iPhone and iPod touch.Set Up Apps For Use With Passbook First things first, you’ll need to download the latest Starbucks app. So if you’ve had the Starbucks app … [Read more...]