Tweetbot 3 Released, Features Complete iOS 7 Redesign

Tapbots today released Tweetbot 3,  the long awaited follow-up to what we called the best Twitter app for iPhone, complete with a redesigned iOS 7 interface and experience.  It brings much of what people loved in Tweetbot, but with the physics and stripped down graphics that has become a trademark of iOS 7 design. Tweetbot 3 is on sale for a limited time, available for purchase in the App Store for $2.99.   Update: The developers from Tapbot have created a helpful FAQ that offers some insight as to what features are missing in the new update, why they are missing and plans for the future. Some folks have found issue with the global type setting being the default font size in Tweetbot. Presently, there is no way to change the font … [Read more...]

Review: Tweetbot Twitter App for iPhone

Tweetbot Review

During the past few years, I’ve grown obsessed with Twitter clients for the iPhone. The number of quality Twitter apps for the iPhone dwarfs those available on other platforms. For many, myself included, Tweetie had been my tweet weapon of choice. After Twitter bought Atebits, I transitioned to the official Twitter app, which was essentially an upgraded version of Tweetie. Great features and at the always fantastic price of free. Now under the corporate branch of Twitter, there have been some questionable decisions regarding features (see Quick Bar) and you have to wonder just how long before they introduce another new ‘feature’. Thankfully, the wealth of Twitter increased by one with the release of Tweetbot from Tapbots. These are the … [Read more...]