Is Microsoft Office for iOS Behind The Apple/Microsoft App Battle?

Office for iPad

Yesterday we covered that Microsoft was having trouble getting its SkyDrive app approved by Apple, as Microsoft didn't want to give Apple a 30% cut of subscriptions. However, it looks like there might be more going on there than just SkyDrive. According to a report from AllThingsD, the real battle is over Microsoft Office for iOS. … [Read more...]

Distimo: App Store Revenue And Sales Are Growing Thanks To In-App Purchases

Screen Shot 2012-07-27 at 8.29.34 AM

On the fourth anniversary of the App Store, Distimo has released a report analyzing the overall trends that have been hitting this marketplace over the last few years. Looking over that report, it's remarkable how big the App Store has grown, but also how much it has changed. … [Read more...]

Tales Of The App Store: Jailbreak Only Display Recorder Now In App Store

It's very rare for apps that previously only existed in Cydia to transition to the legitimate world of iOS, which is what makes the recent arrival of Display Recorder so interesting. This newly released app shares its name and functionality  with a popular program in the world of the jailbroken — and apparently allows you to record audio and video feed direction from your iPhone's screen. This feed can then be saved locally or sent to YouTube. … [Read more...]

HD iPad Apps To Run Afoul Of Apple’s 20MB Limit?

If you've ever downloaded an application over a 3G connection, you're probably aware that Apple limits you to 20-megabyte files and smaller — which doubtless stops you from rampantly passing your data limit. But with the iPad 3/iPad HD set to launch next week, will apps with big new graphics be able to stay under this limit? As reported by TNW, iPad apps that want to upgrade to take advantage of the new retina display are having to bundle in graphics which are four-times the size of the originals — and this bumps up file size, too. The real problem is when you have universal apps, which run on both iPhones and iPads, which now need both retina and non-retina versions for both. TNW talked to bjango, and for their app Consume, here are the … [Read more...]

Why Does Apple Censor The App Store?


Apple will censor the bejeezus out of everything in the app store. Sometimes, this is seen as okay (racism, hate speech, etc), and sometimes it really isn't (classic literature, modern literature, political discontent), but what it boils down to is that this is Apple's ecosystem, and as much as you may or may not like it, they have complete control over the situation. Then why is it that content that would never pass muster in the App Store is freely available for download in other parts of iTunes? Warning, racy language ahead... … [Read more...]

Apple Bans Passcode Harvesting App

Yesterday we posted about a developer who made an interesting blog post picking apart the most common iPhone passcodes. How did he get his data? He harvested the codes from an app he created called "Big Brother Camera Security," which took a photo of anyone trying to use your phone. It turns out the developer was anonymously — and without permission — recording people's passcodes. While he released this information with the best of intentions — namely getting people to use better protection — us and some others were a bit worried about the fact that he gathere d this info at all. Now we've heard that his app has been pulled from the app store. Even though he was only gathering from his own app, Apple banned his app for “surreptitiously … [Read more...]

Apple To Allow 3rd-Party Dev Tools, Will Publish App Store Guidelines

The App Store approval process is a difficult one by any account, an opaque system that seemingly arbitrarily decides what is okay and what isn't. Apple has just put out an official statement, promising to overhaul the system. They're promising to relax restrictions on using outside development tools, allowing for greater flexibility for development environments: In particular, we are relaxing all restrictions on the development tools used to create iOS apps, as long as the resulting apps do not download any code. This should give developers the flexibility they want, while preserving the security we need. The clause that banned these was a major issue earlier this year, and maybe we'll see the return of the Flash-to-iPhone … [Read more...]

Is App Store Hacking Endemic?


TheNextWeb have unearthed what seems to be a major problem on the app store: users getting their accounts hacked and  hundreds of dollars being spent on crap apps. They first unearthed the problem as being limited to apps developed by Thuat Nguyen, who managed to get a number of his apps in the "books" section of the app store near the top of the list. What appears to be happening, is that he managed to get into people's iTunes accounts, and put hundreds of dollars of purchases onto it, as well as highly rating his own apps. However, in their extended research, it appears that he's not the only shady developer doing it. Nguyen still seems to be one of the main offenders, and there's a lack of information about him — no legitimate home … [Read more...]