Starbucks App Gets iOS 7 Makeover, Let’s You Shake To Pay

Starbucks iOS 7

The official Starbucks app has been updated today, with a much needed visual refresh and new features to boot. The design isn't simply a reduction of heavy textures replaced by flatter, thinner elements. Starbucks goes all out here in an effort to make the app more personal. Your personal dashboard makes it easy to see your current rewareds status, access to free music and transaction history. … [Read more...]

Burger King To Allow Smartphone Payments

Burger King

The Burger King fast-food restaurant chain that includes over 7,000 U.S. locations will soon let customers 'have it their way' when it comes to paying for their food. Starting next month, a select group of Burger King restaurants will accept payments using their smartphones. The company has plans to expand to all of their locations in a few months. Plans for future services including ordering ahead are also being considered. The move to mobile payments was spurred on by Burger King's interest in younger customers, a demographic that uses their phones for most everything. … [Read more...]

Google WiFi App In Testing, Will Automatically Log Into Starbucks and Public Hotspots

Starbucks free WiFi Google

The days of unlimited data are long gone, making it important for smartphone owners to use free WiFi where possible in an effort to limit overages and maximize data offered by their plans. There are a number of apps that help locate free hotspots, but they don't do much to help with the login process. According to Engadget, a new Google WiFi app is being tested for iOS and Android that will automatically log users into free public hotspots including those available at Starbucks. The search engine giant is testing the app at Google headquarters. … [Read more...]