Apple Reportedly Considering Big Changes to iTunes, Offering High Resolution Music

iTunes Radio

Apple's iTunes Radio has not gotten off to the fast start many had expected when it was introduced as one of the bigger features in iOS 7. It was heralded as an opportunity for Apple to reverse the fortunes of iTunes, which has seen a steady decline in sales over the past decade. Instead it has seen little in the way of sales, with industry sources saying only under 2 percent of users buy music as a result of using the Apple's free streaming radio service. When faced with declines of 15 percent yearly, Billboard reports that Apple is considering a major overhaul of iTunes and some rumors indicate a move to HD tracks could be part of it. … [Read more...]

Apple Considering iTunes Music App for Android, On Demand Streaming Service

iTunes Radio

Apple is looking for ways to increase sales of music in iTunes in an effort to reverse a trend of decreasing downloads. A shift in strategy could including bringing the iTunes Store to mobile phones other than the iPhone. According to Billboard, Apple is considering an iTunes Music Store app for Android phones that would be available for download in the Google Play Store. Other efforts to boost lagging sales of music downloads includes expanding their streaming music efforts to become a direct competitor with Beats, Spotify and Rdio. … [Read more...]

Beats Music Preview

Beats Music Preview

The crowded streaming music service market that includes Spotify, Rdio, Pandora, iTunes Radio and others can add Beats Music among the available options to consumers. After pre-launch marketing that included the 49ers Colin Kaepernick and the infamous Richard Sherman, timing could not have been better for the Tuesday launch of the new service. Beats Music hopes they can wedge themselves in between the other services by being different. For one, there is no ad-supported version of Beats Music. It's a pay to play service, priced at $9.99, which is in line with the others. A partnership with AT&T lets their customers sign up for a discounted family plan, which costs $15 per month. AT&T customers can also take advantage of a rather … [Read more...]

Rdio Goes Free, On The Web

Rdio iPhone

The imminent launch of Beats Music has caused a bit of stir amongst the streaming music market. Last month,  Spotify began offering free music on tablets and smartphones. Not looking to get left behind, Rdio has expanded their free offering to include free music streaming on the web. Now you can enjoy their service completely free from any web browser, provided you don't mind the occassional ad. … [Read more...]

App Filter: Best Streaming Music Apps for iPhone and iPad

Best streaming music apps iPhone, iPad

If you are looking to expand your musical horizons, discover new music or simply bolster your access to various songs or genres, then you should consider one of the many streaming music applications available for the iPhone and iPad. Some are available for free, while others require a small monthly subscription charge. There are a number of applications that allow you to stream your own collection, but our focus in this segment of the App Filter is to find the best streaming music app for iPhone and iPad that offers access to music outside of your current iTunes library. For apps to qualify, they must provide some level of control over the content, so Internet Radio apps won’t be on the table. Let’s get started! Pandora It would be … [Read more...]