iOS 8 Wish List: Make Siri Proactive, Instead of Reactive


In advance of the iOS 8 release, it's fun to speculate on what Apple may include in the update coming sometime later this year. Apple is hard at work and we've seen a number of iOS 8 rumors that point to improvements to Maps, mysterious new apps appear in screenshots and a possibly massive move into health and fitness tracking with Healthbook. With each new update, Apple continues to improve Siri and this year we'll likely see more of the same. So what's on my iOS 8 Wishlist for Siri? … [Read more...]

How to use manual control to make Siri faster and more accurate


One of the smaller features in iOS 7.1 is the ability to manually control when Siri listens. In previous versions of iOS, you would press and hold the home button to summon Siri. Once you hear the familiar chime, you'd let go of the home button and speak your request. What followed was either a quick recognition that you were finished with your request or a slight delay, which could result in extraneous sounds muddling your question. Sure you can edit your Siri questions, but in many ways, that defeats the purpose of a voice activated assistant. So in iOS 7.1, Apple has introduced manual control, which should help make for faster and more accurate voice recognition, improving your chances of getting an accurate answer from Siri. … [Read more...]

Honda’s 2014 Civic Equipped With Apple Siri Eyes Free Mode

Siri Eyes Free

Honda demonstrated two new systems, Honda Audio and Honda Display Audio, that will be factory installed in the new 2014 Civic and 2015 Fit. These technologies, specifically Display Audio represent the first models with factory installed Siri Eyes Free mode from Apple. The Display Audio touchscreen brings smartphone-like functionality inside the vehicle. Using HondaLink, an application-based platform, allows iPhone owners to access content both inside and outside their car. … [Read more...]

The Real Voice Behind Siri Revealed

Susan Bennett

Susan Bennett, the voice behind Apple's Siri revealed herself to CNN in an interview. A voice-over actor, Bennett was paid by the hour and spent over 4 hours per day for a month in July of 2005, where she recorded the sessions. Completely unaware as to where they would be used, she first learned that she was the voice of Siri from a friend, later to confirm it by visiting Apple's website. … [Read more...]

What Apple does with your Siri data


An interesting story today from Wired, who received some official quotes from Apple on how they store and retain data obtained from Siri. Whenever you initiate Siri, those audio snippets are collected by Apple, thus the reason for needing a data connection when using Siri. But where does that data go and how is connected to you? … [Read more...]

How to set Siri relationships

set Siri relationships

If you’re like me, at times you can experience a love/hate relationship with Siri. You press the home button and ask her to phone a friend or family member, only to have her completely misunderstand your request, mangling what you thought was the proper annunciation of the name. We’ve all been there and my Long Island accent certainly doesn’t help matters. Thankfully, there are ways to improve Siri with a few easy steps and improve her accuracy. Read on for how to set relationships with Siri using your contacts. This tutorial works for the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. … [Read more...]

How to use Siri to text and read messages

Siri text messages

The commercials showing Siri in action showcases some of the many benefits of having an intelligent assistant who will act on your every work. Okay, so maybe not every word, but there is plenty she can do to help you be more lazy productive. With Siri, you can avoid having to look contacts or type long emails. Follow along and we’ll show you how to use Siri to text, email and even have her read messages back to you. … [Read more...]

How to get Siri to use Google Maps for directions

Get Siri to use Google Maps for directions

The new Google Maps is fantastic, but there’s plenty to be said for the deep integration of Maps within iOS. Is incredibly easy to ask Siri to find directions to a contact or location and within seconds you’re navigating using Maps. If you personal preference is to use the Google Maps over Apple’s Maps, then you can get Siri to use Google Maps for directions and here’s how. … [Read more...]

iOS 6 Siri Guide and Review

iOS 6 Siri Guide and Review

One of the major new features in iOS 6 is the expanded set of capabilities built into Siri. Siri will help you find a restaurant, movie and the latest sports scores and so much more. The information for these categories is displayed in beautifully designed ‘cards’ that let you dig deeper finding a wealth of information, all from within Siri. Read on for our complete iOS 6 Siri Guide, part of our continuing series of guides to iOS 6. Restaurants Using the phrase, “Siri, find me a restaurant in [insert name of town]” will return a list of restaurants in that town. Siri is now integrated with Yelp. The resulting list of resturants comes up in a beautifully designed card that provides address, reviews, distance and relative cost. … [Read more...]