Sprint will take your old iPhone and offer you $100 off a new iPhone 4S

Sprint iPhone 4S trade-in

The concept of trade-ins is nothing new in the wireless industry, but Sprint has a bit of twist accepting old iPhones from any carrier. In an attempt to woo customers who might be disgruntled over discontinued or throttled data plans, they are offering this trade-in on any new iPhone 4S with unlimited data. You can take advantage of this offer by either visiting your local Sprint store or online. How to save in-store 
Reserve your iPhone 4S online or find a store near you. 
(excludes upgrades) Bring your old iPhone with you to the store. Save $100 instantly. How to save online 
Buy your iPhone 4S through our online store and open a new line of service. (excludes upgrades) After you receive your new iPhone, visit … [Read more...]