Tim Cook Says Alerts Will Bolster Security of iCloud Accounts

Tim Cook

Apple's CEO Tim Cook took time out from preparations for next week's special event to discuss the companies plans for dealing with recent hacks of customer iCloud accounts. During a week that should have been nothing more than a week of increasing hype surrounding upcoming products, Apple has been dealt with a public relations crisis surrounding nude photos which were illegally obtained from A-list celebrities. As a result, Cook announced that new efforts were underway to rollout iCloud security alerts in the next two weeks. … [Read more...]

Apple Issues Statement Over Claims They Cooperated With NSA To Create Backdoor Access


Apple today issued a statement to TechCrunch refuting implied cooperation with the NSA on backdoor access to their products, including the iPhone. The statement comes on the heels of a report from Der Spiegel which detailed the Office of Tailored Access Operations (TOA) unit and the ANT (Advanced or Access Network Technology) division, with the latter's focus on putting together a knowledge base related to hacking of mobile phones, laptops, networking and other consumer electronics. The group, who specialized in 'backdoors', had a 50-page catalog, allowing NSA employees incredible levels of access. It's complete with pricing, creating a J.Crew catalog of hacking. One such document, DROPOUTJEEP, details a 'software implant' for the Apple … [Read more...]

How to set a passcode on iPhone

set passcode on iPhone

For most people, their iPhone contains all sorts of important data. It contains precious photos, videos, SMS messages, emails, browser history and for some, it contains bank or credit card information. The introduction of Passbook also allows for using your iPhone to make payments. Suffice to say that, in the hands of less than honest people, an iPhone that is not password protected could be incredibly detrimental to the owner. Today we’ll walk you through the process of how to set a passcode on iPhone, along with other tips for keeping your iPhone secure. … [Read more...]

How to lock iPhone using Find My iPhone

Remote passcode lock

Losing your iPhone can be a traumatic experience, especially if you are not taking the proper security precautions to keep your data from prying eyes. As someone who typically does not use a passcode, that would allow anyone who found my iPhone to access all sorts of information. As someone who makes regular use of Passbook to feed his obsession with Starbucks, losing my iPhone would also have severe financial implications or would it? At a bare minimum, I’d encourage readers to set up and use Apple’s free and very excellent Find My iPhone service. If you should lose or temporarily misplace your iPhone, you have a number of options. Here’s how to lock iPhone using Find My iPhone. It may be called Find My iPhone, but it also works for … [Read more...]

Newly Exposed iOS SMS Vulnerability Could Lead To Spoofing

Pod2G is a prominent iOS hacker and security expert, who just revealed on his blog a major and long-standing security flaw in iOS. This flaw has apparently existed since iOS implemented SMS, and still exists in the current iOS 6 beta, and Pod2G has implored Apple to fix it. What he's unearthed is a way of changing the UDH (User Data Header) so that it looks like the SMS is coming from a known and legitimate number. In the UDH you can select what the "reply to" number is, even if it doesn't actually get replied to that, and that number is all that iOS displays. So you get a text message from a number you recognize and trust (say, your carrier, bank, or loved one), and when you reply, it gets redirected to the spammer. It would look legit, … [Read more...]

How to keep your iPhone secure


We all love our iOS devices. We carry them with us wherever we go. For an unlucky few, though, that means a lost or stolen iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. If you've set up Find My iPhone, that's a great first step to retrieving your lost or stolen property. What might be more valuable then your device is your personal information. Thankfully, Apple has made it possible to keep thieves and other prying eyes from your personal info. This article will show you how to keep your iPhone, iPad or iPod secure. Let's begin with the Passcode Lock. In Settings>General, scroll down to Passcode Lock, then Turn Passcode On.      You can choose a simple 4-digit code, or by sliding the Simple Passcode button to 'OFF', you can choose a longer, … [Read more...]

Google Accused Of Secretly Tracking Safari Users


A new report by the Wall Street Journal has leveled a pretty heavy accusation at Google, that they've been intentionally sidestepping Apple's privacy measure in Safari to install cookies without user permission. Both on the desktop and iOS versions of the application, Safari requires permissions to run cookies, unlike most other browsers. The workaround used by Google (and a number of other companies) gets around this by using a quirk in Safari. … [Read more...]