Samsung Launches Milk Music, An Ad-Free Streaming Radio Service for Galaxy Phones

Samsung Milk Music

Samsung today introduced a new ad-free radio service meant provide owners of Samsung Galaxy phones with a service similar to iTunes Radio. The app offers 200 stations offering all different genres. Each station is curated by 'top DJs' and industry professionals. Similar to iTunes Radio, Milk Music lets you fine tune stations to your liking by using a slider adjust for more or less of popular, new or favorite songs. Milk Music is powered by Slacker Radio, available for iPhone and iPad. Samsung uses a dial interface to select your preferred music. Milk Music allows skips up to 6 times per hour, per station or per custom station. Early reports have this being hacked to work on any Android phone. It won't be coming to iOS, but there … [Read more...]

Do you want a waterproof iPhone 6?

waterproof iPhone

Now that the Samsung Galaxy S5 has been officially introduced, it will be Apple's turn later this year to showcase their next generation iPhone. Since the iPhone 3G, hardware revisions have been an every other year occurrence. This year should be no different with the iPhone 6. Based on previous rumors, the big feature of the iPhone 6 will be the size of its display. Still months from an iPhone 6 release date, we've yet to see much in the way of part leaks, which usually help paint of picture of what's coming. One of the features of the Galaxy S5 that's intriguing is its water resistance, providing an added layer of protection against water damage that has become commonplace. Hopes and dreams of a massive retina display aside, do you want a … [Read more...]

Samsung’s iWatch Commercial

Samsung iWatch commercial

Samsung has a new smartwatch out and it's called the Galaxy Gear. It's been panned by the likes of The Wall Street Journal, Engadget and The Verge who called it, " unintuitive, oversized, overpriced, and in constant need of a Galaxy guardian." With various rumors of Apple releasing an iWatch in the coming year, Samsung is first in the battle with Apple (others have made smartwatches in years past), when it's best that always matters. Apple wasn't the first smartphone, but set the collective world on its ear when they introduced the iPhone. Prior ot Apple, the market was owned by Palm (Treo), RIM (BlackBerry) and Motorola. Where are they now? Weeks after Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone, the first commercial for Apple's revolutionary new … [Read more...]

Samsung Working On Smart Watch

Apple iWatch

A report from Bloomberg today confirms that Samsung is preparing a smart watch, one that would perform functions similar to your smartphone. Apple has been rumored to be working on an iWatch type product, with reports that the company has a team of over 100 employees working on the project. The two companies have been battling for smartphone dominance and that fight might continue in the wearable devices market. Apple hasn't confirmed that such a product exists and won't until executives are prepared to announce and ship. Despite no window for when it might be available, Samsung executives confirmed they are indeed hard at work on developing a smart watch. … [Read more...]

Apple’s Why iPhone Or Why Not Samsung

Why iPhone

Over the weekend, Apple launched a page on their website under the headline ‘Why iPhone’ and subsequently sent out an email to their newsletter list on why ‘Loving it is easy’. Apple promoting the iPhone on Apple’s website isn’t out of character, but this marketing is clearly intended to inform consumers that the grass is not so green on other platforms. Last week, Samsung spent a fortune launching the Samsung Galaxy S4 in a continued offensive to sway consumers. If nothing else, they clearly have the attention of Cupertino, who have a relatively long and illustrative listing of why iPhone and why not Samsung or any other smartphone for that matter. … [Read more...]

Apple Reluctantly Posts Samsung UK Notice

Screen Shot 2012-10-26 at 7.03.13 AM

Back in July, a judge ordered Apple UK to put up a notice on their site, admitting Samsung didn't copy from them. Apple appealed, it didn't work, so now we get this masterpiece of a non-apology. Accessible by a tiny link at the bottom of Apple UK's front page, the copy is the most wonderful piece of passive aggressive writing since your grandmother last sent you an email. … [Read more...]

Apple Starting To Split From Samsung For Chips?


It's always been something of a bizarre fact that even though Apple and Samsung are bitter rivals in the smartphone world, Apple relies on Samsung for a large number of components — most notably the chips in the iOS devices. However, a number of reports seem to indicate that Apple might be moving away from Samsung in this regard. … [Read more...]

Samsung’s Genius Attack Ad On iPhone 5

Samsung Galaxy S III vs iPhone 5

A Samsung ad is floating around the Internet via Business Insider, where they are once again are calling out Apple’s iPhone, this time in a direct comparison with their flagship Galaxy S III. They outline specs of their phone vs the iPhone 5, with a tagline that reads, “It doesn’t take a genius.” This is expected to be run in major newspapers starting tomorrow. Apple breathren have take umbrage to the questionable specification comparison and the inference that someone selecting an iPhone 5 might not be smarter than a 5th grader. It likely means different things to different people. It all depends on how you read it. I see it as a dig at Apple, whose in-store support group are deemed Geniuses. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s catchy … [Read more...]

Apple Cuts Back On iPhone Chips From Samsung

While the relationship between Samsung Mobile and Apple is decidedly a bad one, the division of Samsung that manufacturers electronic components and Apple seem to get along well — but that relationship may be on the rocks. According to both Reuters, Korea Economic Daily, and Bloomberg, the orders for memory chips from Samsung have been reduced, though reports differ on the details. … [Read more...]

Internet Falls For Obvious “Samsung Paying Fine In Nickels” Hoax


It really shouldn't be news when someone believes satire is real on the internet — after all, there's an entire website devoted to people believing the Onion — but this is something else. Today, a huge number of internet users fell for a news story claiming that Samsung had started paying its $1.05 billion fine to Apple in nickels. … [Read more...]