Rumor Roundup: Tablet Will Make Bank, Various Publishers In Talks

I don't know about our readers, but I'm going to be very happy when Wednesday rolls around, and we can have a definitive device to buy/mock/resoundingly ignore. The rumor mill has been going at full speed for so long, that it's reaching the point of being overwhelming. Regardless, here's some of what we've seen today:The NY Times has been in close talks with Apple to release an official tablet app. Apparently they've even had a team working in Cupertino to get this app out the door in time. Shaw Wu of Kaufman Bros thinks Apple could shift 5 million units between March and September. Apple is talking to publishers to arrange some sort of distribution model, and it will be in direct opposition to Amazon. Though some think that … [Read more...]

Former Apple Marketing Manager Talks “Controlled Leaks”

You ever wonder how so many news sources have "unconfirmedĀ sources" that all seem to say the same thing? And how just enough important features get leaked? John Martello gives an excellent breakdown at Mac Observer of how these official leaks happen, and how they're used to build hype. Usually I'm loathe to quote large chunks of an article, but he puts it so succinctly, I'm just going to run a chunk of the piece verbatim.Often Apple has a need to let information out, unofficially. The company has been doing that for years, and it helps preserve Apple's consistent, official reputation for never talking about unreleased products. I know, because when I was a Senior Marketing Manager at Apple, I was instructed to do some controlled … [Read more...]