Living Earth HD for iPad Review


The first time I saw Google Earth was a bit of a wow moment.  This was merely for the fact that I was able to interact with the globe as a three dimensional image within a two dimensional space.  Sure it had been done before, but for some reason when it’s a globe, it’s all the more impactful.  Living Earth HD is an Alarm Clock iPad app which will allow you to have this same interaction with a globe that has cloud cover updated every three hours as well as real time weather, time, and sun lines.   Read on for the full review. … [Read more...]

Tide Graph for iPhone Review


Over the years, boating has continued to increase in popularity as a sport, hobby, and activity.  Whether for fishing, recreation, or just relaxation – people have enjoyed boating with and without the use of technology for a long time.  Of course – in recent years, the mobile revolution has tacked on some pretty useful apps for boating enthusiasts everywhere.  These include weather, flashlight, cheap gas finding, and nautical navigation apps.  Some of these apps can get pretty expensive, but the app we're talking about today will give you a well made interface through which to check the tides in your favorite boating locations; for a reasonable price. … [Read more...]

Nike+ Running App for iPhone Review


Nike + iPod, a different app/system, has been around for a while.  This system required special shoes, a sensor, and your Apple device to help you keep stats while running.  While this is a pretty cool way to go, a lot of people could not get past the need for new shoes just for the app.  Nike’s new app, Nike+ Running, takes the Nike+ Shoes out of the equation, and lets you run with your iPhone alone while still benefiting from a slew of features.  Read on for more. … [Read more...]

Launch Center Pro for iPhone Review

Launch Center Pro

Within applications on the iPhone, there are ‘actions’. For example, sending a text message is an action within the messages application. The typical manner in which to execute an action is to launch the app and ‘create the action’. Open the ‘Messages’ app and tap the icon to create a new message. A new application from AppCubby allows you to customize all of your favorite and most used actions into one app. Read on for our full Launch Center Pro for iPhone review to see how this app might just change how you think about how to get things done on your phone. I have fond memories of Launcher programs for Palm OS. It was infinitely easier to manage and open applications. In some ways, this application has many of the same attributes, … [Read more...]

Facebook Messenger for iPhone Review


We recently reviewed Facebook Camera for iPhone.  Facebook Messenger was actually released a while before their camera app but recently updated – and does exactly what it sounds like; allows easy messaging within your Facebook friend list.  The main perk here is the bypassing of text messaging.  Not everyone has an unlimited text messaging plan or is able to leverage iMessages.  When this is the case Facebook Messenger fills a gap that can save you a little money.  With a few other key features, you may choose to start using this as a primary messenger.  Join us to learn what these other key features are in our Facebook Messenger for iPhone review. … [Read more...]

Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader for iPad Review


Topping the Free iPad charts this week is Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader.   Based on the popular game show, this app promises hours of fun while testing your elementary school memory.  The premise is simple; you are asked a series of questions from a variety of topics that span grades 1 through 5.  Of course the questions are painfully simple, though you will need to search the smallest crevices of your memory to find the answers.  … [Read more...]

MyCalendar Mobile for iPhone Review

MyCalendar Mobile review

If you ever have tough time managing and remembering birthdays, then you are not alone. Apple's Contacts application does have a section to add a birthday, but that requires you manually enter it within the application or in Address Book. Not only is this time consuming, but at times near impossible, depending upon the number of contacts you manage. I at times find it tough to remember my wife's birthday. Luckily for me, she's not an avid everythingiCafe reader and I might just have found an app that will solve my dilemma. In our MyCalendar Mobile for iPhone review, we look at an app that will help gather, manage and notify you of upcoming birthdays. The name of the application is a bit misleading, having you think it’s something … [Read more...]

AppShopper for iPhone and iPad Review


Looking for some fun, useful, cool, or any other kind of new app to download on your iPhone or iPad?  App Shopper is here to help by not only surfacing some hidden gems, but allowing letting you know when they go on sale.  Join us for a review of App Shopper to help you navigate through your app downloading adventures. … [Read more...]

Trailers for iPad and iPhone Review


Trailers is an app made by Apple.  The history of Apple in the movie business is an exciting story.  While I won’t detail it here, know that Apple is heavily rooted in the movie business not only through its current cash power generator iTunes, but through Steve Job’s and Pixars rich history together.  It’s only logical that Apple would provide an outlet to the world to see the latest and greatest movie trailers through their app simply entitled; Trailers. … [Read more...]

Genius Scan for iPhone Review


Camera technology has come quiet a long way.  The camera inside the newer iPhones is superb for its extremely compact nature.  So too are the photos it takes, allowing for crystal clear text.  With great hardware capability, it’s only natural progression to see a flood of apps being created to take advantage.  Genius Scan does just that.  This app will convert your paper documents to PDF using the iPhone’s camera and some savvy enhancement algorithms. To learn more how this gets done, read on for our full Genius Scan for iPhone review. … [Read more...]