Best WiFi Scale: Withings vs Fitbit Aria

Best WiFi scale

The growing trend of connected devices now extends to your bathroom scale. Electronic scales have been around for years, but with the addition of WiFi, scales can communicate with the web or iPhone weight loss apps enabling a treasure trove of statistics, sharing and weight management. With the battle lines drawn between Withings vs Fitbit Aria, who comes out on top as the best WiFi scale? Read on for our full review of both the Withings and Fitbit Aria. … [Read more...]

Belkin Grip Candy Sheer iPhone 5 Case Review

belkin grip candy sheer case review

The Belkin Grip Candy Sheer Case for iPhone 5 aims to find the right mix of minimal protection with good looks. On the packaging, it reads “Inspired By You, Designed By Belkin”. So is it inspired enough to be the right case for you. Read on for our comprehensive Belkin Grip Candy Sheer iPhone 5 case review, complete with photo gallery. … [Read more...]

Weathercube for iPhone Review

Weathercube Gesture weather app iPhone

The past year has seen some interesting minimalist app designs, most notably Clear, which combines minimal design with fun, gesture based interaction. This trend has started to take hold in other apps, as developers look for new ways to deliver apps that break away from the norm. Weather apps are a popular category in the App Store, making it increasingly difficult to stand out, not to mention the stock app being very good. With their latest app, the developers at Appsuperb aim to bring a fresh and fun experience to viewing weather on your iPhone. Read on for our full Weathercube for iPhone review. … [Read more...]

Poetic Atmosphere Case for iPhone 5 Review

poetic atmosphere iphone 5 case review

The iPhone 5 is a beautiful slab of aluminum, so it stands to reason that many customers are looking for a case that provides protection and at the same time, doesn’t hide it. Clear cases and to a lesser extent translucent cases do just that and there's a new entry in this category from Poetic. It's thin, lightweight and the translucent casing allows the Apple logo show through. It's got plenty going for it, but is it worthy of protecting your iPhone 5. Read on for our full Poetic Atmosphere Case for iPhone 5 review. … [Read more...]

SwitchEasy Tones Case for iPhone 5 Review

SwitchEasy Tones case iPhone 5 review

I remember when I first held the iPhone 5. It felt fake. Incredibly thin and light, in part due to the aluminum casing, which apparently is susceptible to scuffing. Some say scuffing adds character, but I’m not in that crowd. I like my devices to remain as if they were just removed from the box. I’m willing to take the trade-off of added bulk for an iPhone that stays in pristine condition. That being said, I’m always conflicted because I want to experience the thin, light design of the iPhone 5 as intended by Jony Ive and company. I was eager to try the latest from SwitchEasy, a manufacturer I’d heard plenty of over the years, but never had a chance to test out. Read on for my full SwitchEasy Tones Case for iPhone 5 review to see if this is … [Read more...]

Incipio DualPro Case for iPhone 5 Review

Incipio DualPro iPhone 5 Case review

In the ever competitive iPhone 5 cases market, Incipio strategy is to offer two-in-one. The DualPro case is part silicone case and part hard-shell, offering the promise of signifcantly more protection than their Ultra-Light Feather case. Will these two join forces to create an incredibly good iPhone 5 case? Read on for our complete Incipio Dual PRO for iPhone 5 case review. … [Read more...]

Splash Cruiser Slim-Fit Slider Case for iPhone 5 Review

Splash Cruiser case review for iPhone 5

The slider case is one of the more popular styles of iPhone case and it stands to reason. They are easy to install, offer a good amount of protection and don’t typicallly add much bulk to the iPhone. Splash offers their take on this popular style with their slim-fit case. Read on for our full Splash Cruiser Slim-Fit Slider Case for iPhone 5 review to see if this case is worthy of protecting your iPhone 5. … [Read more...]

iPad 4 Review

iPad 4 Review

After just few months since I conducted a review of the third generation iPad, Apple took many by surprise by introducing the iPad 4 or fourth generation iPad. With the decision to drop the 30-pin connector for the shiny new Lightning connector on the iPhone 5, there was plenty of scuttlebutt that perhaps we’d see a minor revision of the iPad 3, to include the new connector. A quiet, but necessary update to get their all of their product portfolio updated to using Lightning. Apple’s recent special event saw the iPad mini announcement, but perhaps the most surprising news was the iPad 4. So what’s new and does Apple’s iPad 4 still reign supreme in the tablet marketplace? Read on for our full iPad 4 review. Physical Appearance When I … [Read more...]

iPad mini Review

iPad mini review

Apple’s iPad mini is a 7.9-inch version of the popular tablet. It’s billed as being every inch an iPad. That’s both true and false, when comparing it to its bigger brother, the new fourth generation iPad. There’s good and bad here. Depending on you, the balance could shift in either direction. In our iPad mini review, I’ll provide you a comprehensive look at Apple’s new tablet. The addition of a new member to the iPad family is both a curse and blessing. Choice is great, but it will also make for a difficult decision. Should you buy the iPad mini or the new iPad? Our plan is to complete our fourth generation iPad review and then provide you with a guide that will help you with that decision. A smaller tablet was never something  that … [Read more...]