Jobs Announces Proximity Fix For iPhone 4, White iPhone For End of Month, Bringing iPhone 4 To 17 More Countries

While wrapping up today's press conference, Jobs wrapped up with two points:They're aware of the proximity sensor problem, and it will be fixed in the next software update. The white iPhone 4 will be shipping the end of July Come July 30, the iPhone 4 will be shipping of to 17 more countriesHe finished by saying that Apple loves its users, and that when Apple does well, the users stay, and when they do badly, Apple tries harder. He concluded: "So the heart of the problem is, smartphones have issues, and we made it easy to exploit the issue by showing people where to hold the phone to cover the antenna. But the data supports the fact that the iPhone 4 is the best smartphone in the world, and there is no Antennagate... there is … [Read more...]

Proximity Problems Caused By…Reflective Ears?

What's possibly the biggest issue with the iPhone 4 is how the proximity sensor doesn't activate at the right distance, causing accidental muting, speakerphone, hanging up, and a bevy of other troubles. TUAW talked to an Apple Genius about the problem, and heard an answer that just might be the most hilariously improbable explanation ever. Apparently, the re-location of the proximity sensor in iPhone 4 causes the sensor to be more likely to be triggered by light "bouncing around the ear canal." ...My appointed Genius explained that I should try closing the windows because extra ambient light bouncing around my ear will cause the sensor to light up the screen. I really have no idea what to make of that statement. I don't know enough about … [Read more...]

Is The iPhone 4 Proximity Sensor Causing Trouble?

Screen shot 2010-06-25 at 7.32.23 AM

Two threads have popped up in our forums, with people noting that the iPhone 4 proximity sensor turns on the screen too easily, which means buttons are pressed with your face, and accidental hangups. Here are what a few people are saying:Eninety2: They moved it from the 3GS and it's not acting right. It's sensing my ear and mashing the dial pad while in a conversation. You really have to press it against your ear. neo: I have hung up on people 3 times already while holding the phone to my ear with my shoulder (hands full). hitnrun: Has anyone noticed that the sensor that tells the phone when your holding it up to your ear is extremely sensitive? I mean, NEVER before have I cheek dialed, hit the mute with my ear lobe, or hung up on … [Read more...]