645 PRO Is Your High-End Photography App Of The Day


For people who know their way around the manual settings of a camera, the simple controls of most iPhone photography apps simply won't cut it. Here's the opposite of that, a new app that will blow your socks off in terms of manual controls. 645 Pro — named for the famed Mamiya medium-format camera — doesn't have a simple, elegant interface, but does have a ludicrous amount of control. What really sets it apart from the field is the ability to save files as what the creators are calling "developed RAW", uncompressed TIFF images that should allow you much better shooting results than the standard JPEG. For $2.99, it's a sweet deal for those into photography. … [Read more...]

PicPlz Review

PicPlease review

First debuting on Android, the PicPlz app is touted as being the simplest photo-sharing app on the iPhone, updating your Twitter, Facebook, and FourSquare profiles all in one fell swoop—with location and place information, on top of that. So how does it really hold up? OK, yes, it's pretty darn impressive. Read the full review after the jump … [Read more...]

Apps for the Amateur iPhone Shutterbug


Having a camera in your iPhone really is a great thing. No more fumbling around with an extra device in your bag, easily take photos on the go, and share every snapshot with the touch of a few buttons. But the iPhone camera is far from magical: Photos can easily turn out a blurry mess, the iPhone's awkward shape makes it difficult to hit that small capture button when taking a self portrait, and, of course, there's no flash, leaving you mostly out of luck in dark scenery. But with a few extremely reasonably priced apps, you can become a semi-professional iPhone photographer. Here's a look at a few of the top-selling photography apps from the App Store. … [Read more...]