How to allow subscribers to add to Photo Stream

allow add to photo stream

If you are not familiar with Photo Stream, it's a fantastic way to share photos and videos with a select group of friends and family. Not only is it easy to instantly share photos, it's easy for those who subscribe to your Photo Stream to access your photos. From my personal experience, it's been one of the absolute best and most frequently used features on my iPhone and iPad. Having a 2-year old, we take an insane amount of photos and share the best with grandparents who live out of state. Up until iOS 7, the person who created the Photo Stream was also the gatekeeper when it comes to posting images or videos. Thankfully, that's changed with iOS 7 and it's easy to allow subscribers to add to Photo Stream. … [Read more...]

How To Delete Photo Stream Photos

Reset Photo Stream in iCloud

Many people have asked if there is a way to delete Photo Stream photos. Often, they mean delete individual photos. At this time you cannot delete individual Photo Stream photos but you can delete all of them at once. Follow this short guide on how you can delete your Photo Stream photos.   Log into from a desktop browser. Mobile Safari on iOS devices will not work. In the upper right-hand corner of the browser window click on your name. This will open a pop-up box. In the popup box click "Advanced." Click on "Reset Photo Stream." This will remove all photos from Photo Stream so be sure if you want any saved to download them first. This will not remove the Photo Stream libraries already on your iOS … [Read more...]