How to use Photos on iPad

How to use photos ipad

Whether you use the new iPad with its stunning retina display or the first or second generation models, the iPad is a natural for viewing, managing and editing your photos. Central to this function is the ‘Photos’ app, which provides you with all the necessary tools needed for beginner to intermediate users. Our comprehensive guide on how to use Photos on iPad will cover everything you need to get the most from enjoyment from your photos. How to get photos on your iPad (Mac or PC) For Mac users, it couldn’t be easier to get your photos on your iPad. You’ll continue to manage photos on your Mac as you have in the past. If you use iPhoto to organize events, you’ll still create albums and place photos within that folder. The actually … [Read more...]

How to transfer photos and videos from iPhone to computer (Mac or PC)

Transfer photos from iPhone to computer

There is the old saying that the best camera is the one that’s with you. This takes on new meaning with the iPhone 4S and it’s stellar optics. With iOS 5, Apple now allows you to setup your iPhone 4S without the need for a computer. This is great for those who are looking to get a quick start, without the hassle of having to tether their new phone either a Mac or PC in order to get it up and running. If you are using iOS 5, Apple’s new iCloud allows you to take advantage of Photostream, which will push photos to all of your iOS devices, but that’s limited to 1,000 photos. Despite setting up Find My iPhone, losing an iPhone could mean that you’d lose all of your precious photos and videos. It’s always a good idea to back them up and you can … [Read more...]

How to: Wireless tethered shooting to an iPad

Shoot tethered wireless iPad

I enjoy taking photos, but what I enjoy more is the ability to view my pictures with friends and family. Sure I’ve migrated my dot mac to iCloud and have been enjoying Photostream. That works great and allows for immediate viewing of photos taken on my iPhone. That doesn’t help out with my digital camera, so I enlisted the help of the Eye-Fi Connect. Here’s how you can shoot tethered to a completely wireless iPad, without the need for a WiFi hotspot. This guide requires that you have an Eye-Fi Connect or Eye-Fi Pro, both of which are available at either Amazon or B&H Photo. When you receive your Eye-Fi, the camera card will be inserted into a USB stick. Insert this into your Mac or PC and run the associated software. It will … [Read more...]