How to setup parental controls on Apple TV

setup parental controls on apple tv

Like many families, our Apple TV is connected to our family room television, accessible to my wife and our daugther. It makes it easy to watch all sorts of free programming (with subscription) including HBO GO, Netflix, assorted Disney channels. If you own an Apple TV, then you know it's also connected to the iTunes Store, making it easy to purchase or rent movies or TV shows. In some cases, it's too easy. Easy for kids who might know how to search, find and buy a program. From personal experience, it's also easy for a toddler to grab the remote and within a few button presses, order a movie rental. As my 24-hour windows to watch a movie that I have no interest in watching concludes, I thought it might be a good idea to setup parental … [Read more...]

How to setup parental controls on iPad

Parental controls iPad

Kids love the iPad. If you purchase an iPad for your child or allow them to use yours, then you might want to be proactive when it comes to protecting them from nefarious apps or content, not to mention protect you from unauthorized credit card charges. Here’s how to setup parental controls on iPad. Setting up a Passcode Lock If you only allow your child to use an iPad with adult supervision, then you can easily setup a passcode. This essentially puts a lock on the iPad, requiring a code to access any content. To set up new Passcode, do the following: On your iPad, navigate to Settings > General Passcode Lock>Turn Passcode On From here you’ll have to enter and re-enter a 4 digit passcode. When the iPad is powered on, the … [Read more...]