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Searching for a local SportsRadio to my area, I came across an iPad (and iPhone) app called  While many radio app exists, quickly became one of my go-to radio apps.  Featuring Music, News, and Sports Radio’s – there is truly a taste of everything held inside this one.  Read on for more details. … [Read more...]

The iPad Arrives Tomorrow: The Press Release

In case you haven't been paying attention, the iPad 2 is being released tomorrow, March 11, at 5PM in stores and up for sale at 1AM Pacific Time on the internet. Apple has just released a press release saying as much, so if you want one soon, you're going to have to go line up at a rather reasonable hour on a Friday. Huh, that doesn't actually sound so bad, as long as you're not in one of the chunks of the USA still in the grips of winter. Full press release follows: … [Read more...]

Gird Your Loins, Here Come The iPad 2 Accessories


Belkin is the first horse out of the gate, unleashing a panoply of iPad 2 accessories. First up there's the FlipBlade Adjust — shown above — which is light, easily carried, and switches between four positions. Then there's the ViewLounge (below) which has a bean bag base. A what now? That's right, bean bag base. The idea here is that it'll be able to sit stably on just about any surface, like your couch or bed. That's rather cunning, actually. They will also offer four relatively interchangeable folio cases (1,2,3,4). No word on price for any of the accessories, just that they "will be available Spring 2011 in all global regions." I still want to see someone do something really interesting with the new magnets on the iPad 2, that … [Read more...]