What Features Of iOS 6 Won’t Work On Your Device?

It's always been the way with iOS, older versions of the iPhone or iPad miss out on the hottest new features. The iPhone 3GS missed out on a lot of iOS 5, and now with iOS 6 around the corner, we want to know what the iPhone 4 isn't going to be able to use. Way down the bottom of Apple's iOS 6 page is the fine print that shows just which killer features will and won't work with various models. … [Read more...]

New iPad Available in 12 Additional Countries This Week

Apple today announced that the new iPad would be available in South Korea along with 11 other additional countries this week. CUPERTINO, California―April 16, 2012―Apple® today announced the new iPad®, the third generation of its category defining mobile device, will arrive in South Korea and 11 additional countries on Friday, April 20. The new iPad features a stunning new Retina™ display, Apple’s new A5X chip with quad-core graphics and a 5 megapixel iSight® camera with advanced optics for capturing amazing photos and 1080p HD video. The new iPad still delivers the same all-day 10 hour battery life* while remaining amazingly thin and light. In addition to South Korea, the new iPad also will be available beginning on Friday, April 20 … [Read more...]

Apple Is Looking In To New iPad Wi-Fi Woes [updated]


One of the criticisms leveled at the new iPad is that the Wi-Fi connection is slow and weak, and despite this appearing to be a relatively uncommon problem, Apple is aware and it attempting to correct it. As reported by 9to5 Mac, an AppleCare document has been leaked showing how Apple is dealing with Wi-Fi issues on the new iPad. … [Read more...]

Apple Responds To New iPad Battery Kvetching

This is patently ludicrous. As part of the general, low-level kvetching about the new iPad's battery is the complaint that it continues to charge after it hits 100% — which apparently makes people think that Apple is lying about how charged it is. Nevermind that experts in the field say that this is common to most modern consumer devices, Apple's now had to weigh in to defend themselves. Talking to AllThingsD Apple VP Michael Tchao told them that once the new iPad fully charges, it will discharge a little, then top back up, and repeat this cycle, the entire time keeping a reading of 100%. Said Tchao: “That circuitry is designed so you can keep your device plugged in as long as you would like. It’s a great feature that’s always been in … [Read more...]

iPad 3 Review (2012)

New iPad Review

Keeping with their yearly cycle, Apple released the new iPad (third generation), looking to further their lead in a tablet market they have been dominating. Having over 200,000 applications optimized for the iPad, not to mention a good number of universal apps that help buyers utilize apps purchased for the iPhone, the ecosystem is incredibly strong. Also of note are the advances in iOS 5.1, the software that manages to deliver extremely powerful functionality with incredible ease of use. In March of 2012, the conversation switches back to hardware, squarely on the new iPad. Join us for our comprehensive iPad 3 review as we put it through the paces. What makes this new iPad better When talking about the new iPad, the feature that is … [Read more...]

New iPad Uses Retina Display For iPhone Games, Too

Screen Shot 2012-03-21 at 9.23.18 AM

When the iPhone 4 debuted with the original Retina Display, iPhone apps immediately started being released with better assets to take advantage of the new screen. However, the iPad couldn't take advantage of these assets without a jailbreak tweak, meaning that even though better quality versions were available, users were still stuck upscaling from low quality files. With the new iPad, and its own Retina Display, that's all changed. … [Read more...]

What’s Causing The New iPad’s Heat?

iPad heat

So the big non-scandal of the new iPad is that it gets a bit warm. Apple doesn't think it an issue, but some questions still remain. For example, precisely how hot does it get? Well, answers vary. These guys say 92.5°F (+3° on the iPad 2), this says 90.5°, CNET got as high as 94° (+5° from iPad 2), but by far the highest measurement was by ConsumerReports, who clocked it at 116° (+12°). None of these are especially hot, and are doubtless not going to effect you much in day to day life. But what's causing it? … [Read more...]

Reports of new iPad getting hot

iPad 3 getting hot

Having spent a good day or so getting acquainted with the new iPad, I've started to notice that the iPad 3 can get noticeably warm. In under ten minutes of video playback, the area to the right of iPad logo becomes warm. It's not as if you could fry an egg, at least not in my case, but it's not something that occurred on the iPad 2. Having watched multiple full-length shows in a single viewing session, I never experienced any sort of change in temperature. … [Read more...]

How the iPad 3 release will negatively impact iPad 2 owners

Should I buy new iPad

Apple’s new iPad (third generation) comes out on Friday and will bring with it support for retina display graphics. Early reviews are in and they all seem to agree that the screen is simply amazing. Gorgeous, stunning and other adjectives of this sort are commonplace for these reviews. For those not taken in by the wow of the display, the iPad 2 still has plenty of fight left it it when directly comparing it to the newer model. A good number of folks will sit this upgrade out. Those who plan to stick with their iPad 2 will unfortunately find themselves negatively affected by apps that will undoubtedly support the iPad 3. … [Read more...]

New iPad Apps Massively Swell In Size

With the introduction of the Retina Display for the new iPad, we knew apps were going to get bigger, but just how much? That same Vietnamese site that brought us an early view of the new iPad has shared some screenshots from the new device, but also revealed how big updated apps are, and they're huge. … [Read more...]