Microsoft Offering Lower-Cost Office 365 Personal Subscription

Office 365 subscription

Launched to much fanfare, the suite of Office apps for iPad continue to be among the most downloaded apps in the App Store. Be it curiousity or a genuine interest in having access to the ubiquitous productivity suite, there is no denying the popularity of Excel, Word and PowerPoint becoming available on the iPad. While the free apps are great for viewing, the need for an Office 365 subscription had made for a costly upgrade. Starting today, Microsoft is offering a lower-cost option. The 'Personal Subscription' is just that, perfect for individuals with a single computer and tablet. … [Read more...]

Microsoft Office Finally Comes To iPad, Requires Office 365 For Creating, Editing

Office for iPad

As we expected, Microsoft today announced the immediate availability of Office for iPad, bringing an end to the long wait for the popular productivity suite. Office is being made available as three separate app. The App Store currently offers PowerPoint, Excel and Word. These apps are joined by an updated version of OneNote, a digital notebook which is intended to compete with Evernote. The trio of Office apps are available for free, but they require an Office 365 subscription, currently priced at $99 per year, in order to edit or create documents. … [Read more...]

Office for iPad Announcement Coming March 27th

Microsoft Office for iPhone

Satya Nadella, Microsoft's new CEO, is hosting a press event on March 27th where the focus will be on mobile and cloud-based apps. Sources tell The Verge that Nadella will use the event as a platform to discuss Microsoft's "mobile first, cloud first" strategy. More signficantly for iPad owners, Nadella is going to finally announce the upcoming Office for iPad app, which will join the Office for iPhone released in June of last year. … [Read more...]

Microsoft Office Mobile for Office 365 Subscribers Now Available

Microsoft Office for iPhone

The Microsoft Office suite for iPhone is available, but its availability is incredibly limited, requiring you have a subscription to Office 365. That runs $12.50 per month if billed annually, so that's $150 per year to fun the latest version of Office. A less expensive in-app purchase of $99 for Office Home Premium, also provides you with Office on up to 5 home computers, along with the iPhone. This includes both Mac and PCs. This subscription enables you full access to the new iOS app, Office Mobile for Office 365. The app lets you access, view and edit your Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint documents on your iPhone. For reasons unknown, the new app is not available yet for the iPad. Perhaps it has something to do … [Read more...]

Is Microsoft Office for iOS Behind The Apple/Microsoft App Battle?

Office for iPad

Yesterday we covered that Microsoft was having trouble getting its SkyDrive app approved by Apple, as Microsoft didn't want to give Apple a 30% cut of subscriptions. However, it looks like there might be more going on there than just SkyDrive. According to a report from AllThingsD, the real battle is over Microsoft Office for iOS. … [Read more...]

Microsoft Office Coming To The iPad

Office for iPad

According to The Daily, Microsoft is prepping their well known Office suite for the iPad. Microsoft has a number of popular apps in the App Store and millions of Mac/PC owners currently use Office. Expectations are that the release would join a new desktop version, presumable Office 2012 for Mac, with increased support for Lion. The current Office for Mac 2011 was plagued with a number of issues upon the release of Lion. The app would likely work with Office 365 and the price point could be similar to Apple's iWork suite, bringing the cost to roughly $10 per app. This seems like a smart move for Microsoft, considering Apple's current market share in tablets at over 80 percent. For iPad users looking to edit Office documents, … [Read more...]