Why Managing Mail in iOS 8 Is Faster, More Efficient

Mail in iOS 8

When Apple releases a major software update, as they do yearly, new functionality often extends to the stock applications. The core applications that ship with each and every iOS device play a key role in how we use our iPhones and iPads, so changes to these apps is big news. Last year brought significant changes, due to the transition to iOS 7 that demanded cosmetic changes in keeping with the new design aesthetic. To be fair, some apps lost functionality, which hindered folks hoping for a happy transition to iOS 7. With iOS 7 now in the rear view mirror, Apple seems poised to tackle stock apps, improving up their functionality. Messages will see new features that rival Snapchat and WhatsApp. Also on the agenda for iOS 8 will be … [Read more...]

Apple Shows Off iOS 6, Maps, Passbook, Siri


As part of today's big events, Apple has been showing off some of the features of iOS 6 running on the new iPhone 5. First off the bench was Maps, now completely sans-Google, with 3D buildings, points of interest,  flyover, and turn-by-turn directions. I'm still shedding a tear for the loss of public transport information. Safari can now go fullscreen, and sync tabs via iCloud. Mail will let you tag people as VIPs, and messages from them will get shunted into their own mailbox. One of the big new features is Passbook, which was shown off with Delta, Starwood Hotels, and more. It's tickets, coupons, movie tickets, and more. Photo Streams will now allow you to subscribe to streams of your friends and relatives, … [Read more...]

Apple Officially Shows iOS 5


At today's WWDC keynote, iOS 5 was officially shown off for the gathered crowds. As is often the case with keynote, first Apple started with some numbers. Scott Forstall, SVP of iOS got up and talked about the fact that there are 200 million iOS devices out there. In the first 14 months, they've sold 25 million iPads (and they're still hard to get). 15 billion songs sold through iTunes, 130 million books through iBookstore. 425,000 apps, 90,000 for the iPad, and 14 billion downloads. That's given $2.5 billion to developers. iOS 5 will introduce some 1500 new APIs for developers to play with, and 200 new features for users. Here are the big 10: Notification: As everyone presumed, a major change to the notification system is in … [Read more...]