New Yorker Magazine Finally Figures Out Text, Maybe iOS Magazines Won’t Suck So Much Now


The iPad was meant to be this amazing second coming for the world of magazines — a perfectly sized device with a beautiful screen, screaming for quality content. Unfortunately, magazine publishers dropped the ball, releasing apps where issues were hundreds of megs in size, and pages just enormous images of text. It looks like an update to the New Yorker app may finally show that some of the major publishers have figured out how to do things right. … [Read more...]

Next Issue Heads To iPad, Brings Unlimited Magazines From $10/Month


We discussed Next Issue a few months ago when it debuted on Android a few months ago as an interesting take on the digital magazine model. Rather than pay for every issue, Next Issue adopts the Netflix model of a monthly subscription for unlimited content. $9.99 gets you the monthly magazines, $14.99 gets the weeklies, too. Well, the app has just been released on the iPad, so you can get your reading on. … [Read more...]

Adobe Adds Newsstand Support For Digital Publishing Suite

One of the lesser discussed features of iOS 5 is Newsstand, a place for gathering together all your newspaper and magazine subscriptions (those that are willing to give Apple a 30% cut, anyway). Adobe's just announced that they'll add support for Newsstand in Adobe® Digital Publishing Suite " soon after Apple releases iOS 5 and the Newsstand application." The Digital Publishing Suite will allow content to be published as a digital edition for Newsstand on iOS, Android tablets and the BlackBerry Playbook. “Digital Publishing Suite support for Newsstand will provide Adobe’s publishing customers the ability to deliver engaging content directly to the digital doorstep of subscribers on their iPads,” said Todd Teresi, vice president and … [Read more...]

New Details Of Rumored Digital Newsstand Surface


Just a couple of days ago, we first heard substantial rumors that Apple is planning some sort of digital newsstand/subscription service, which is being bolstered by a piece from Bloomberg. According to "two people familiar with the matter", Apple is crafting a digital newsstand to allow people to easily grab the newspapers and magazines they want. Apple Inc. is developing a digital newsstand for publishers that would let them sell magazines and newspapers to consumers for use on Apple devices, said two people familiar with the matter. The newsstand, designed particularly for the iPad, would be similar to Apple’s iBook store for electronic books, said the people, who declined to be identified because the negotiations are private. The … [Read more...]

Magazine Subscribers Get Free iPad Editions


Time Inc. has managed defeat an impasse between the publisher and Apple over giving free access to print subscribers. Apparently, Apple was against this allowance, insisting that everyone pay the stated price of the app. Now, people who subscribe to the dead tree versions of People, Time, Sports Illustrated and Fortune will be able to get the issues for free on their iPad with their subscription. The disagreement between Apple and the publishers apparently lasted 4.5 months, an unusually long period of time, because, as Fortune points out: It's not clear what took so long. Publishers who were encouraged to build iPad apps by Steve Jobs himself say were ready from the start to make them free to subscribers. Until now, however, Apple … [Read more...]

WSJ Reveals iPad Pricing, $18 A Month

Tucked within a small piece in the WSJ about advertising on the iPad was a piece of information that leapt out as one of the few concrete details about their future plans. While the rest of the article focussed on how advertisers were planning on using magazines on the iPad as a new home for their wares, but tucked at the bottom of the piece was the WSJ's plans for the future: The Journal plans to charge subscribers $17.99 a month for iPad subscriptions, according to a person familiar with the matter. Well, yes, people would be familiar with the matter seeing as this piece was penned by the Journal. Compare this to the $349 per year/$29 per month rate of the print edition, and that's some pretty serious savings. Sure, it's not the same as … [Read more...]

Publishers Remain Tablet Skeptical, No Impact In 2010


The Association of Online Publishers has polled its members, some of the most powerful publishing groups in the world, and found that they're rather pessimistic about the possibilities of the iPad and Tablets in general, saying: Mail Online MD James Bromley: “These are still really really embryonic devices that are great and fantastic, and I want to be at the top of the queue to buy one and play with it. But we’re talking about a very, very narrow subsection of society that will have these in 2010. This is the time that we learn about these devices - ‘11, ‘12, ‘13 is when these might become slightly more mainstream.” Conde Nast Digital UK manager Emanuela Pignataro: “E-readers will be the novelty of 2010. I don’t think it is a … [Read more...]

Newspapers and Magazines Battle Apple Over The Details

According to a report in the Financial Times, newspaper and magazine publishers are facing certain hurdles when it comes to smoothly making the transition to Apple's particular brand of digital deployment, as they run counter to the decades old methods of print. The article states that the publishers aren't exactly thrilled about Apple wanting to take 30% of sales as their share. This is Apple's standard cut for MP3s and Books, it just appears that periodicals are unused to such setups. There's also rumors of friction over sharing customer information. Apple takes the stand of only sharing sales volume, where publishers collect as much information as possible about readers to shape their marketing and editorial content. “Is it a … [Read more...]