Steve Jobs Threatened Palm With Patent Suit If They Poached Apple Employees

Steve Jobs

A civil lawsuit claiming that Apple, among a number of other major tech companies thwarted competition for employment by conspiring to disallow the companies from poaching employees. The result of this action would mean lower wages for employees and the inability to seek gainful employment in a truly competitive market. A court filing yesterday indicates that the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs threatened Palm with a patent lawsuit if they did not agree to eliminate competition for talent between the two. In a written statement, former Palm CEO Ed Colligan states, "Mr. Jobs also suggested that if Palm did not agree to such an arrangement, Palm could face lawsuits alleging infringement of Apple's many patents.” Colligan refuted … [Read more...]

Apple Reluctantly Posts Samsung UK Notice

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Back in July, a judge ordered Apple UK to put up a notice on their site, admitting Samsung didn't copy from them. Apple appealed, it didn't work, so now we get this masterpiece of a non-apology. Accessible by a tiny link at the bottom of Apple UK's front page, the copy is the most wonderful piece of passive aggressive writing since your grandmother last sent you an email. … [Read more...]

You Can’t Sue Apple Over Your iPhone Broken Glass


The front and back panels of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S aren't the hardiest of materials — the fact that they're so scratch resistant makes them a little prone to shattering. Everyone knows the story of someone who dropped their iPhone a foot onto a hard surface, and had the thing explode on them. However, a court has ruled that this isn't enough cause for a class action suit. … [Read more...]

Apple Makes Concessions In EU Ebooks Case


Even though, as recently as two weeks ago, Apple vowed to fight back against accusations of price fixing in the USA, the company has agreed to some significant concessions in Europe over a very similar battle. In a Reuters report it has been revealed that Apple and four major publishers (the same companies that are in trouble in the USA) are making an attempt to avoid further investigation. … [Read more...]

EBook Publishers Agree To Settlement, Apple Still Fights

It's been a while since we checked in with the Department of Justice's suit against ebook price fixing. This suit saw the DoJ go after Simon & Schuster, Hachette Book Group, Penguin Group, Macmillan and HarperCollins Publishers Inc. and Apple on charges of colluding and price fixing. Apple has fought back tooth and nail, and recently, three publishers settled in a move Apple called "fundamentally unfair". … [Read more...]

Internet Falls For Obvious “Samsung Paying Fine In Nickels” Hoax


It really shouldn't be news when someone believes satire is real on the internet — after all, there's an entire website devoted to people believing the Onion — but this is something else. Today, a huge number of internet users fell for a news story claiming that Samsung had started paying its $1.05 billion fine to Apple in nickels. … [Read more...]

Apple, Samsung, Google Respond To Patent Ruling

The big news on the weekend was that a jury declared Samsung in violation of Apple's patents, and fined the Korean company some $1.05 billion. While this ruling is definitely going to be appealed, it's still send shockwaves through the tech community. Apple, Samsung, and surprisingly Google, have all released memos on the ruling, giving us a look at the official stances all around. … [Read more...]

Phil Schiller’s Testimony Reveals Apple’s Car Plans, Marketing Budget, Much More

The Apple/Samsung legal battle continues, and today saw Phil Schiller take the stand — and he revealed all sorts of interesting things about the background of the iPhone and iPad. What's quite a shock is that Apple was briefly contemplating a car before it settled on the iPhone. As the trial, he said that all sorts of suggestions were flying around “Make a camera, make a car, crazy stuff.” Hardly a surprise that that didn't go very far. What's more interesting is just how much money Apple has spent on marketing the iOS devices over the years. According to the Verge's coverage: For the iPhone: fiscal year 2008, $97.5 million. FY 2009, $149.6 million. FY 2010, $173.3 million. For the iPad? FY 2010, $149.5 million. FY 2011 , $307.7 … [Read more...]