Tesla Toy for iPad and iPhone Review


Today we have a treat for you.  It’s the kind of treat that will fast forward through a boring situation you may find yourself in – given you have your iPhone - or preferably iPad in hand.  Here’s the premise – there is no premise.  Your fingers are electrically charged machines, your iPad has colorfully charged particles who are attracted to your touch. Check out this review if you need a time passer that requires little thought, but lots of OoOhs and AaAhs.  … [Read more...]

iPhone Dusk To Dawn Dock Provides For A Distraction Free Sleep

Dusk to Dawn iPhone dock

Douglas Wood's 夜間night dock (translation: Dusk to Dawn) is not your typical iPhone dock. There is no speaker, nor is there a way to see the display, so it would be less then effective if you use your iPhone as an alarm clock. The 夜間night swallows the iPhone whole and in the morning, you'll have a fully charged device. Wood's thinking different about docks is directly related to how it handles notifications. With the iPhone barely visible, a notification will result in a pulsing light, a vast departure from the default glow. This is a not so subtle reminder that perhaps you should turn off your iPhone, preventing you from being disturbed by pesky notifications.This is great if you: a. Remember to turn off notifications (which might … [Read more...]

Review of iTranslate for iPhone


Translation apps for the iPhone and iPad range in the hundreds.  While I can’t say I’ve tried every single one, I have tried quite a few.  iTranslate is the easiest, fastest, and most accurate of the bunch.  iTranslate is simple as it is useful, allowing translation of multiple languages in both directions.  Even better, instead of the most common method of translation input; typing a phrase, iTranslate allows speaking into your device to receive your delivered translation within seconds. … [Read more...]

the show: 59 – “I think I just did a WooHoo” iPad and iPhone Podcast

iPhone podcast

Join your hosts Marianne Schultz and myself for The Show: 59 - "I think I just did a WooHoo". You can subscribe to our show on iTunes, grab our RSS feed, listen now or download directly. We broadcast our iPad and iPhone podcast live each week.  Follow @everythingicafe on Twitter for updates on timing. If you'd like to be included on a future broadcast, please call 646-820-3431 and leave your name along with your question. If you'd like to provide us with feedback, we've set up a topic in our forums.Programming note: We're going to record this week's episode later in the week. … [Read more...]

How to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad running iOS 5.1.1 using Absinthe

iPhone 4 Jailbreak

The following is a complete guide on how to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad running iOS 5.1.1 using Absinthe 2.01 untethered jailbreak, thanks to the devs at Greenpois0n. While this might look to be a duanting process, don't let the number of screenshots scare you. This process took all of five minutes to complete.Compatible Devices This is the list of compatible devices:iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S iPad, iPad 2, new iPad (third generation) - Note: Absinthe does not support the new iPad 2Download You'll need to download the latest version of Absinthe, currently version 2.0.1. This is available for either Mac or PC and instructions below shouldn't differ, regardless of you desktop platform.Absinthe v2.0.1 … [Read more...]

Tweetbot for iPhone, iPad Updated. Brings More Awesome To iOS


Our favorite Twitter app for iPhone has just received a massive update. Version 2.4 of Tweetbot is now available for download and the developers have been hard at work amping up the awesomeness of the app. The update is available for both the iPhone and iPad.Updated Search view Nearby tweets added with ability to change location Location-based keyword searches Improved search box for efficiency. Trends and People categories moved to browse section Added Top Tweets in browse section Can  now change trends location from the search view Double-tap search tab to open search with keyboard Keyword mute filters (with regex option and ability to mute mentions as well) Offline Favorite and Read Later support (for … [Read more...]

How to manage your reward memberships with the best iPhone apps for loyalty cards

Loyalty cards

If you are like me, then you are no stranger to signing up for membership cards that help you save money at your local grocery, hardware or electronics store. It’s becoming so commonplace for retail stores to have memberships, to the point where it’s odd if they do not. The unfortunate result is a keychain that has a parade of plastic membership cards increasing the weight of your keys to about 10 pounds? Okay, so maybe it’s a bit lighter, but in my case the cards have started to dwarf the actual keys. These cards were initially in the form of a credit card, meant to be carried in your wallet. Now they come with keychain versions, which at first sounded like a great idea. It’s time to shed the weight, but hold onto the value. We took a look … [Read more...]

Review of TED for iPad and iPhone


For those unfamiliar with TED, here is a quick background.  First of all, the acronym stands for Technology Entertainment Design.  TED is a large set of conferences which host presenters on various topics including, Technology, Entertainment, Design, and more.  More importantly, TED is a think tank.  The talks performed on TED are sometimes thought provoking, sometimes inspirational, and sometimes revolutionary.  iPhone and iPad apps are available for download which will give you complete access to the TED talks and content.  This learning tool is a great way to expand your breadth of knowledge and learn new and almost always - interesting things.  … [Read more...]

Pinterest for iPhone Review


It’s no secret that the world has become an idea engine containing so many people thinking up creative ways to connect lives.  Facebook does a superb job of this, and therefore they remain the most popular social network - ever.  Pinterest is a fairly new, debuting for the iPhone in March 2011.  Today – it has a large member network hovering around 11.7 million unique.  Interestingly, in the US, 83% of those users are women.  Pinterest connects people by showing them pictures of things that may interest them in a pinboard type fashion. … [Read more...]

How to block calls on iPhone

block calls on iPhone

Despite your iPhone being a mobile phone, that doesn’t seem to stop telemarketers. They have no compassion for consumers who don’t want to utilize their cellular minutes for uninvited sales calls. In a perfect world, you’d be able to take the call and kindly ask to be removed. Each day around 3 o’clock and 5 o’clock I receive calls from 480-567-0012. Googling that number will bring up a good amount of complaints from others who share my frustration. You can sign up for the Do Not Call Registry, but sketchy telemarketers are sketchy, often ignoring basic things such as the law. It's kind of ironic that visiting that website brings the following warning, "Scammers have been making phone calls claiming to represent the National Do Not Call … [Read more...]