App Filter: Best GPS App for iPhone

Best GPS app for iPhone

If you need a GPS app for driving, there are options that range all across the price scale, and many of them are more than adequate. But if you want a serious GPS app, the best GPS app for iPhone, you're looking at two options: NAVIGON and TomTom. A strong argument could be made for either, and they both offer very similar feature sets. But NAVIGON ekes out a lead in our experience. The core functionality is strong, the interface is easy to use and there are plenty of of small additions that make it great. When it comes to getting you from point A to point B, NAVIGON does a great job. Its turn-by-turn instructions are precise, and its computer generated text-to-speech does a great job presenting street names in an understandable … [Read more...]

Apps Gone Free: Smash Cops, Jetpack Joyride

App Store

For a limited time, two great iPhone and iPad games have gone free. Both Smash Cops and Jetpack Joyride can be had for the price of free. Both apps also come with extrodinarily good reviews, so you'll want to take advantage of these Apps Gone Free. Smash Cops Be the police in America's wildest TV chases! PURSUE: Take down runaway felons whilst avoiding civilian traffic and buddy police as you chase and weave through traffic. ESCAPE: Escape under time pressure from felon attack and get to a call out location as quickly as possible. CHALLENGE: 7 different mini games: smash a load of cars illegally parked in a car park, weave through a course laid out by cones, dodge traffic on a highway and collect evidence throughout the … [Read more...]

Daily iPhone App Giveaway: Voice Assistant for iPhone

Voice Assistant for iPhone

Now that we've spent some time swimming with the sharks, it's time to get back to being productive. Those of you looking for a Siri alternative, enter today for a chance to win Voice Assistant for iPhone. How to enter: This app is a voice recognition app that allows you to speak to create email or text messages. Not only that, you can use it to update your social networking sites including Twitter and Facebook. To enter, let us know how you would use a Siri-like app like Voice Assistant on your iPhone.  The  winner(s) will be randomly selected tomorrow.  Not a member, join today! Voice Assistant - Features Like Siri on iPhone4 and iPhone 3GS Voice Assistant allows you to use your voice instead of typing, which saves time. While … [Read more...]

How to download and add music from CDs to iPhone and iPad

How rip cds to iPhone

If you have a stack of CDs sitting on your shelf, then chances are you aren't maximizing the enjoyment of your entire music collection. Digitizing your music allows you to bring your collection virtually anywhere and it doesn't require you pack extra suitcases filled with jewel cases. Follow along for tips on how to download and add music from CDs to iPhone, iPad and across all of your devices. Using iTunes To Rip Your CDs iTunes is free and available for both Mac and PC. If you own an iPhone, chances are that you’ve already downloaded and installed iTunes. You can download the latest version of iTunes from Apple. Settings for Import CD iTunes offers a number of options for how it will import your CD. Years back when hard drive … [Read more...]

Review of Kayak Mobile App for iPhone and iPad


We’ve all seen the hilarious commercials from Kayak, a new all-in-one trip planning website.  If you haven’t, you should check them out.   This week I decided to start planning a trip to Hawaii this summer, and those funny commercials came to mind.  I was presently surprised to find not only does Kayak have a Universal app, but the palindrome named company did a great job on it as well. … [Read more...]

Weight Watchers Mobile App Review for iPhone and iPad


The popular weight loss program Weight Watchers has built an incredible app for members and non-members alike, available on both the iPhone and iPad.  While members receive access to many more features, the non-member features are also nice. These features include Recipes, Online Community access, a Meeting Finder, and a Shopping List.  In our Weight Watcher's Mobile App review, we will focus on the Weight Watchers Member’s features. … [Read more...]

How to setup iTunes Match


With iTunes Match, you can listen to your music from any iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Apple TV. All of your music gets stored in iCloud, including those songs you ripped from your CD’s. Once you upload your music, it's available on all your devices using the cloud. So let’s get started on how to setup iTunes Match. Why iTunes Match Rocks Using this service, you won’t have copy your media across all of your devices. In my case, all of my music resides on my Mac Pro. My laptop has zero music on it. While my iPhone and iPad have my entire music collection, it won’t be a requirement now that I’ve subscribed to iTunes Match, since I’ll always have access to my music. This of course taking into account that I have a connection. The service … [Read more...]

Tiger Woods PGA Tour ’12 Review for iPad


With the Masters recently coming to an end with Bubba Watson bringing home the Green Jacket, I have been wanting to get out there and play some golf myself.  While I didn’t get out this weekend, I was still able to play some rounds on my iPad with Tiger Woods PGA Tour ’12.  I find the game well done and very fun to play. Read on for our Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 review for iPad and iPhone. Setup This is an EA Game, so you can expect it to be a full, professionally made Golf Game.  The first time you launch the game up, you can expect to create your golfer.  You can choose the golfer as male or female, then their shirt, pants, skin color, and other accessories.  Also, you can name your player whatever your heart desires – I picked … [Read more...]

iResize review for iPhone and iPad


iResize fills a very specific need and is an app that I have found extremely helpful.  There are literally hundreds of apps dealing with editing photos, most recently iPhoto which is Apples premier photo editing app.  However, I found myself needing to resize images on the iPad in order to upload on wesbites, email, or just to save file space.  Usually, I do not just want to resize 1 image, but multiples at a time.  Most apps require each image to be opened, resized, and saved.  I find this tedious and time consuming.  iResize allows batch resizing of images based on a preselected default.  Read on for details of how it works in our iResize review for iPhone and iPad. Setup On launch you will select a button called ‘Set Up Quick … [Read more...]

What to do if you drop your iPhone in water

iPhone water

It’s a surprisingly common occurrence in our iPhone forums to hear a story about how someone has accidentally dropped their iPhone in water. While there is technology out there to make an iPhone waterproof, that doesn’t help you with your current mishap. So what should you do if you drop your iPhone in water? First things first You might want to cry a little. That’s understandable, but once you shed a tear, you’ll need to jump into to action to prevent further calamity. The first thing you’ll want to do is to completely power down your iPhone. To do so, press and hold the power button at the top right. You should see the see the ‘Slide to power off’. Tip: If you see the white spinning wheel, you’ll want to continue holding the … [Read more...]