Pinterest for iPhone Review


It’s no secret that the world has become an idea engine containing so many people thinking up creative ways to connect lives.  Facebook does a superb job of this, and therefore they remain the most popular social network - ever.  Pinterest is a fairly new, debuting for the iPhone in March 2011.  Today – it has a large member network hovering around 11.7 million unique.  Interestingly, in the US, 83% of those users are women.  Pinterest connects people by showing them pictures of things that may interest them in a pinboard type fashion. … [Read more...]

How to block calls on iPhone

block calls on iPhone

Despite your iPhone being a mobile phone, that doesn’t seem to stop telemarketers. They have no compassion for consumers who don’t want to utilize their cellular minutes for uninvited sales calls. In a perfect world, you’d be able to take the call and kindly ask to be removed. Each day around 3 o’clock and 5 o’clock I receive calls from 480-567-0012. Googling that number will bring up a good amount of complaints from others who share my frustration. You can sign up for the Do Not Call Registry, but sketchy telemarketers are sketchy, often ignoring basic things such as the law. It's kind of ironic that visiting that website brings the following warning, "Scammers have been making phone calls claiming to represent the National Do Not Call … [Read more...]

Review of Flixster for iPhone and iPad


This is an oldie but definitely a goodie.  We reviewed the IMDB (Internet Movie Database) iPhone and iPad App a few months ago , but today we’ll take you through Flixster.  Flixster is a movie lover’s paradise.  With The Avengers releasing this past weekend, we believe this is a perfect opportunity to give you a review of the world’s most popular app for movie reviews, trailers, and showtimes.  With a 4 ½ star rating and over 1600 reviews, you can be assured this app is a good one. … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day iPhone and iPad Gift Guide

Mother's Day iPhone and iPad Gift Guide

Mother’s Day 2012 takes place on May 13th this year, so it’s time to start thinking about what gifts are ideal to celebrate our Mom’s. Gone are the days when flowers, perfume or jewelry were the only safe bets. Regardless of age, there are more and more mothers who are tech savvy or enjoy the ease of use of iOS devices. So if you are looking for suggestions as to what to get your Mom, read our Mother’s Day iPhone and iPad Gift Guide for tips. But hurry, Sunday is right around the corner.Cards Letting Mom know you care doesn’t always have to be costly. Greeting cards are old school, so amp up the love with a personalized greeting card from Apple. Using the free Cards app, you can insert a special photo along with a message. Having … [Read more...]

Clarion Next Gate is an iPhone controller for your car

Clarion Next Gate

Clarion today introduced the Next GATE, a product that is dubbed an in-vehicle intelligent controller for iPhone. Connecting to your iPhone using the dock connector, this takes the windshield space often taken up by a portable GPS. The aim of the product is to make easy to access apps using the 7-inch WVGA display.As for apps, Clarion has said that the Next Gate will launch with a handful of vehicle-friendly apps that includes TuneIn, Pandora, Vlingo, INRIXTraffic and  InfoGation. This also doubles as a Bluetooth calling device, supporting voice dialing and voice activation. The Clarion Next Gate will be available starting on June 1st, priced at $269.99. Clarion Debuts Next GATE, a Revolutionary In-Vehicle Intelligent Controller … [Read more...]

Daily iPhone App Giveaway: PicFrame for iPhone and iPad


The iPhone takes incredible photos and it's easy to share those with friends and family. Today's Daily iPhone App Giveaway features Pic Frame for iPhone, a photography app that allows you create custom collages with an assortment of frames and special effects.How to enter: To enter, let us know what photos would be in the collages you'd create with PicFrame? Would it be cats, dogs, kids, objects, landscapes? All of the above. There is no correct answer. The  winner(s) will be randomly selected tomorrow.  Not a member, join today! Not only can you enter daily contests, but you'll be a member of the world's first and best iPhone community.PicFrame With PicFrame you can create amazing photo collages with custom layouts, frames, … [Read more...]

Making the Switch: Transfer Contacts and Calendars from Android to iPhone

Switch Android to iPhone

Have you or are you considering a switch from Android to iPhone? There are a number of considerations to prepare and make that jump to the iOS platform. We’ve outlined all the steps to make the transition, along with helpful tips on what you can expect on the other side. In this edition of making the switch, we'll help you transfer your contacts and calendars from Android to your new iPhone.This tutorial makes the assumption that you are currently using Google apps on your Android device for your contacts and calendars.Setting up Gmail in iOS It’s easy to setup Gmail for use with the Mail app on iOS.Navigate to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars Select Add Account Select Gmail Type in your full Gmail email … [Read more...]

App Filter: Best GPS App for iPhone

Best GPS app for iPhone

If you need a GPS app for driving, there are options that range all across the price scale, and many of them are more than adequate. But if you want a serious GPS app, the best GPS app for iPhone, you're looking at two options: NAVIGON and TomTom.A strong argument could be made for either, and they both offer very similar feature sets. But NAVIGON ekes out a lead in our experience. The core functionality is strong, the interface is easy to use and there are plenty of of small additions that make it great.When it comes to getting you from point A to point B, NAVIGON does a great job. Its turn-by-turn instructions are precise, and its computer generated text-to-speech does a great job presenting street names in an understandable … [Read more...]

Apps Gone Free: Smash Cops, Jetpack Joyride

App Store

For a limited time, two great iPhone and iPad games have gone free. Both Smash Cops and Jetpack Joyride can be had for the price of free. Both apps also come with extrodinarily good reviews, so you'll want to take advantage of these Apps Gone Free. Smash Cops Be the police in America's wildest TV chases!PURSUE: Take down runaway felons whilst avoiding civilian traffic and buddy police as you chase and weave through traffic.ESCAPE: Escape under time pressure from felon attack and get to a call out location as quickly as possible.CHALLENGE: 7 different mini games: smash a load of cars illegally parked in a car park, weave through a course laid out by cones, dodge traffic on a highway and collect evidence throughout the … [Read more...]

Daily iPhone App Giveaway: Voice Assistant for iPhone

Voice Assistant for iPhone

Now that we've spent some time swimming with the sharks, it's time to get back to being productive. Those of you looking for a Siri alternative, enter today for a chance to win Voice Assistant for iPhone.How to enter: This app is a voice recognition app that allows you to speak to create email or text messages. Not only that, you can use it to update your social networking sites including Twitter and Facebook. To enter, let us know how you would use a Siri-like app like Voice Assistant on your iPhone. The  winner(s) will be randomly selected tomorrow.  Not a member, join today! Voice Assistant - Features Like Siri on iPhone4 and iPhone 3GS Voice Assistant allows you to use your voice instead of typing, which saves time. While … [Read more...]