Best Alternate Music Apps in iOS for iPhone and iPad

Best alternative music app iOS

As one of the core Apple iOS apps, the Music application or artist formerly known as the iPod app, does a fairly good job when it comes to music playback. While it received a new coat of paint, the app is largely the same in iOS 6. One of the great advantages of using an iOS device as your media player is that you are not tied to using one music player. Here are the best alternate music apps in iOS for iPhone and iPad. Track 8 Review While a good number of Apple enthusiasts, my podcast partner included, will chuckle at the mere mention of a Zune product, what often gets lost in the dialog is the beauty of the metro interface. The Zune is no more, but the software lives on in Windows Phone and now in iOS with Track 8. The … [Read more...]

Introducing One Pass, Providing Fast Single Sign On Access To Our Family of Forums

Forum One Pass

Since 2002, Smart Phone Resource has been the company behind so many great forum communities for smartphone owners. Sites like Everything Treo, Everything Q and the world’s first iPhone forum, founded seven months before Apple had even announced an iPhone. Members have flocked to our sites, knowing they’ll find an answer to a question from the friendly, knowledgable people that help to make up our communities. With so many exciting mobile devices and platforms, there are a growing number of members within our communities who might own an iPhone, but also own a Nexus 7. Some who own a Windows Phone, but also own an iPad. For this growing segment of our community, we are incredibly proud to introduce One Pass – the all access forum pass. … [Read more...]

Redefining the mobile forum experience, once again


As the world’s first iPhone forum, founded in May 2006, we strive to offer the absolute best experience when it comes to providing a place for people to discuss all things iPhone and iPad. Best means different things to different people. For us, it’s about fostering conversation and removing hurdles to discussion. Building a great community of people who are knowledgeable, friendly and enjoy good healthy discussion. It’s been well over a year since we made that crazy decision to remove all advertising, which as proved to be an invaluable perk to members. People come to forums to get help with a problem or engage in robust discussion. Ads don’t help with either of those. Other than helping with our lofty server bills, they don’t help very … [Read more...]

iOS 6 Available Today

iOS 6

Today will mark the release of iOS 6, available today as a free iOS software update for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. With over 200 new features, the iOS 6 update will be available for download through iTunes and over the air. iOS 6 is compatible with the following devices: iPhone 3GS iPhone 4 iPhone 4S iPod touch 4th generation iPad 2 The new iPad (third generation) Some of the big new features include a completely new Maps application that features turn-by-turn voice guided navigation, improved Siri, deep Facebook integration, shared photo streams, Passbook and FaceTime over cellular. To see which features will work with your device, check out our iOS 6 Features & Compatibility Matrix. The update is … [Read more...]

How to manage storage on iPad and iPhone

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Let’s face it, 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB of hard drive space in today’s high definition, media rich, digital world is not a lot of space at all.  Because these three denominations are all the hard drive space Apple’s offering today, it's a constant struggle to maximize the use of your storage. Let us help you manage storage on iPad and iPhone with an assortment of tips and tricks. Read on for our full guide. … [Read more...]

Let’s Go Camping: 5 Free Must Have Camping Apps for iPhone

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Let’s face it, roughing it isn’t exactly the same with an iPhone. That doesn’t mean you can’t still put a tent up in the woods and hangout with the Angry Birds bunch.  Even better, the iPhone can provide you with some new-age tools for your camping trip.  Read on to see our 5 free must have camping apps for iPhone, along with mini reviews of each of the apps we recommend for your next camping trip. … [Read more...]

Guide on how to use iPhone and iPad for home automation

iPhone home automation

There are so many incredible things you can do with your iPhone or iPad including being able to use it for home automation. While home automation has been around for years, adoption has been hampered by poor user experience and the expense associated with controllers and devices. The iPhone doesn’t solve all the woes, but it can now play an integral part in controlling devices including lights, door locks and more. Systems and devices can vary, making it a personal decision on what direction you use for your set-up. As with any major technology purchase, I did a fair amount of research, deciding to opt for Z-Wave technology. What follows is our authoritative guide on to how to setup and use iPhone and iPad for home automation. What … [Read more...]

How to use FaceTime on iPad, iPhone or Mac

How to use FaceTime

There have been many of services that allow you to video chat, including the popular Skype, but none have been as easy and fun to use as Apple's FaceTime. You can make video calls to anyone with a compatible iOS or Mac. Here’s how to use FaceTime on iPad, iPhone or Mac, along with everything you need to start making video calls today. Compatible iOS Devices You’ll need one of the following iOS devices running iOS 5 or later: iPad 2 new iPad iPhone 4 iPhone 4S iPod touch (fourth generation) and/or A Mac running Snow Leopard with a video camera. This can be either a built-in FaceTime camera, iSight Camera or a third party accessory. If you are in the market for a good video camera for your Mac for FaceTime, I’d … [Read more...]

Pimp My Hair for iPhone Review

Pimp My Hair for iPhone review

Okay, okay, it’s a bit childish to mess with photos of people on your iPhone.  But sometimes, it can be laugh out loud funny and provide some great fun for your friends and family.  App makers Iddiction have created a simple hit which is steadily part of the Top 25 free apps – at least for now.  Read on for our Pimp My Hair for iPhone review. … [Read more...]

iOS 6 Features and Compatibility Chart

iOS 6 features compatibility matrix

With the release of iOS 6 later this fall, users of the iPhone 3GS or later, iPad 2 or later and iPod touch (4th generation) will receive the free update. Previous generation models are not supported. Some devices will not receive all of the features of iOS 6. To help guide you through the maze of features and supported devices, we present you with this handy iOS 6 compatibility matrix. iOS 6 is currently in beta, so it is entirely possible that a final release will offer increased support for older models. We'll update this regularly, should we hear any changes. … [Read more...]