How to setup iMessage on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch


Apple’s iMessage is a great free service that allows you to interact with friends, friends, family and co-workers who also have an iOS device or a Mac. You can send text messages, photos and even videos. Not only is iMessage free, but it also helps you bypass costly SMS and MMS messaging charges associated with your carrier. Those of you with a WiFi-only iPad or iPod touch can also enjoy sending messages without a cellphone plan using your Apple ID. Read on for our full guide on how to setup iMessage on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. … [Read more...]

How to delete apps on iPhone

Delete apps on iPhone

Do you find yourself deleting music or avoiding taking video or photos to keep from bumping up against the storage capacity of your iPhone? Managing storage on your iPhone shouldn't be a full time job. Have you downloaded apps that are rarely, if ever used?  It’s easy to delete these apps and reclaim that space for music, books, photos, videos and more apps. There are a number of methods, so join us for this basic tutorial on how to delete apps on iPhone. The steps outlined will also work on other iOS devices including the iPad and iPod touch. Updated for iOS 8! … [Read more...]

How to use Siri to text and read messages

Siri text messages

The commercials showing Siri in action showcases some of the many benefits of having an intelligent assistant who will act on your every work. Okay, so maybe not every word, but there is plenty she can do to help you be more lazy productive. With Siri, you can avoid having to look contacts or type long emails. Follow along and we’ll show you how to use Siri to text, email and even have her read messages back to you. … [Read more...]

How to add extensions to iPhone contact numbers

iPhone contacts extensions

If you are frequently calling a contact that requires an extension, the process of entering the extra digits can be time consuming. If you are in the car, for safety reasons you should not be accessing phone, so it makes it difficult to call those contacts who are not direct numbers. Whether it’s your wife, husband or you want to simplify those dreaded calls to your cable company, the iPhone makes it easy. Read on for our guide on how to add extensions to iPhone contact numbers. … [Read more...]

How to enable emoji on iPhone in iOS 6

How to add emoji iPhone

Have you ever received an iMessage or email from a friend with smileys or fun icons. These are also know as Emoji or emoticons. It's easy to enable on your iPhone or iPad, not to mention completely free and does not require a third party app. Follow this easy guide on how to enable emoji on iPhone and iPad using iOS 6. … [Read more...]

How to set up Passbook in iOS 6

Use Passbook

Apple first announced Passbook at the introduction of iOS 6 back in June, but beta releases offered little information on how to actually use the new feature. The app itself does little by itself, instead relying on secondary Passbook-ready apps to push information to Passbook. There are a handful of Passbook ready apps available, which include airlines, retail stores like Walgreens and Target, along with the movie ticket app Fandango. So as one author was tired and in desperate need of caffeine, I took a trip to Starbucks to figure out how to set-up Passbook in iOS 6 for iPhone and iPod touch. Set Up Apps For Use With Passbook First things first, you’ll need to download the latest Starbucks app. So if you’ve had the Starbucks app … [Read more...]

How to manage storage on iPad and iPhone

photo 1

Let’s face it, 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB of hard drive space in today’s high definition, media rich, digital world is not a lot of space at all.  Because these three denominations are all the hard drive space Apple’s offering today, it's a constant struggle to maximize the use of your storage. Let us help you manage storage on iPad and iPhone with an assortment of tips and tricks. Read on for our full guide. … [Read more...]

How to show iPhone battery percentage


In previous iPhone guides, we’ve shown you a number of ways to fix battery life, along with several ways to improve your battery life. It's part of our extensive coverage and tips related to iPhone battery life. One thing we have yet to touch is the best method of monitoring your battery life. By default, Apple provides a small graphic of a battery. As you use your iPhone, you'll see less and less of the solid white color. By itself, this makes it incredibly difficult to manage battery life. In just two steps, you can add a percentage indicator. Here's how to show iPhone battery percentage. iPhone Battery Percentage Setting The default setting in iOS is to display the battery at the top right on your iPhone. As you slowly deplete your … [Read more...]

How to change your Apple ID


For users that are deeply imbedded in to the Apple ecosystem, your Apple ID is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle to have. It’s your key to everything Apple; whether it be iTunes, iCloud and iChat, buying from the Apple online store, the App Store, or much more. But what happens if you need to change the email address associated with the account? Today I’ll be covering just that. While it is a very simple process, it’s one that many users (myself included) may not be familiar with how to do. To start, you’ll want to visit the My Apple ID homepage. On the right hand side, you’ll see options for creating an Apple ID and managing and existing one. Click “Manage your account” and you’ll be asked for your current login details. … [Read more...]

How to setup parental controls on iPad

Parental controls iPad

Kids love the iPad. If you purchase an iPad for your child or allow them to use yours, then you might want to be proactive when it comes to protecting them from nefarious apps or content, not to mention protect you from unauthorized credit card charges. Here’s how to setup parental controls on iPad. Setting up a Passcode Lock If you only allow your child to use an iPad with adult supervision, then you can easily setup a passcode. This essentially puts a lock on the iPad, requiring a code to access any content. To set up new Passcode, do the following: On your iPad, navigate to Settings > General Passcode Lock>Turn Passcode On From here you’ll have to enter and re-enter a 4 digit passcode. When the iPad is powered on, the … [Read more...]