Apple Highlights Parenthood In New iPhone 5s Commercial

Parenthood iPhone 5s ad

Apple debuted a new commercial for the iPhone 5s titled 'Parenthood' last night. The ad is part of their continuing "you're more powerful than you think" campaign. Apple's film focuses on the various aspects of parenthood and how the iPhone 5s can be both helpful and enrich the experience for parents and children. It is set to "Life of Dreams" by Julie Doiron, which is available on iTunes. … [Read more...]

Walmart Drops Price Of iPhone 5c to $29, iPhone 5s to $99


Starting today, Walmart has dropped the price on both the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S. The iPhone 5C is now priced at $29 and the iPhone 5S at $99. The new prices are not a temporary price cut, so you can expect other retailers to follow. These aren't the lowest prices we've seen, but those have always been temporary promotions. Prices for other models were not announced, but expectations are for those to also see price cuts. The moves by Walmart come as we move towards the summer season and eventual release of the oft-rumored iPhone 6. If you absolutely need a new iPhone, these are fantastic prices. If you can wait or have strong desire for a larger display, it makes sense to wait it out. Apple has been following a fall release schedule … [Read more...]

Costco Offering Deep Discounts on iPhones, iPads

Costco iPhone 5s

It's been years since Costco has offered Apple products. The membership club had previously offered the iPhone, in addition to other mobile phones. When Apple introduced the iPad, they rebuffed Costco, not allowing the retailer to carry the popular tablet. This led to the eventual removal of Apple products both online and in stores. The two have apparently settled their differences, with Costco offering both iPhones and iPads through their online store, with discounts up to $120 off retail. … [Read more...]

Apple Stores Kick Off iPhone Upgrade Event

iPhone event

As reported earlier this week, Apple is indeed kicking off an iPhone upgrade event at their stores. Aimed at getting current owners to upgrade to an iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c, they are looking to target customers who are eligibile for an upgrade. The relatively new trade-in program is also being used to lure consumers who are looking for the convenience and savings associated with walking in with an old iPhone and leaving with a new one. Apple has not been known to offer the highest dollar amount for used iPhones, instead offering convenience of one-stop shopping. However, 9to5Mac sources indicate that staff at Apple's retail stores have been instructed to increase trade-in values to iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s users who are interested in … [Read more...]

Logitech case+ Is Unique Case System With Multiple Add-Ons


Logitech today announed case+, a new suite of mobile accessories for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s. The system starts with the case+, a protective case that includes a metal back. Bundled with the case+ are a number of iPhone accessories or add-ons that you can use for specific needs.Logitech hopes this will appeal to those who want flexibility to add and remove accessories, as an alternative to buying multiple single use cases. … [Read more...]

Where to find the cheapest iPhone 5s deals

iPhone 5s camera

Sure we're seeing rumors of the iPhone 6, but a release date is still very far out, with typical trends suggesting fall of 2014. So if you are in the market for a new smartphone, waiting might not be the best option. The iPhone 5s is fantastic phone and retailers are sweetening the pot with some amazing discounts. We'll update this over time, but as of now, here's where to find the cheapest iPhone 5s deals and plans. … [Read more...]

Best Buy Offering iPhone 5s From $125 With Contract

Best Buy iPhone 5s deal

We've seen a number of sales on the new iPhones last year and that trend continues in 2014, this time with Best Buy offering up to 35 percent off the iPhone 5s. The sale prices all require that you either sign up for a new contract or extend for 2-years. Existing customers must be out of contract to be eligible. The 16GB iPhone 5s is the most affordable of the bunch, priced at just $124.99 and this does not require any special rebates or trade-ins to qualify. Colors include Space Gray/Black, Gold/White, Silver/White. If you are looking for more storage, the 32GB iPhone 5s is priced at $224.99, with the 64GB model rounding out the promotion at $324.99. The most bang for your buck is with the entry-level model, considering all of the deals … [Read more...]

Typo Keyboard Case Backed By Ryan Seacrest Adds Physical Keyboard To iPhone 5/5s

Typo Keyboard

Ryan Seacrest is not a fan of the iPhones on-screen keyboard and is doing something about it. Apparently Seacrest and his friends carry multiple phones, preferring to use a phone with a physical keyboard for correspondence. Upon trying all of the current alternatives available to them, Seacrest partnered with Laurence Holder, CEO of Show Media, to develop the Typo Keyboard. It's a slider case that protects the iPhone, adds ┬áminimal thickness and is said to provide "a butter-smooth, tactile typing experience." … [Read more...]

Apple Stores To Handle Screen Replacement Service For iPhone 5s and 5c


According to a new report, Apple retail stores will soon begin offering hardware repairs on both the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. Up until now, customers who had an issue with their new iPhones received a replacement device, due to the inability of stores to perform hardware repairs. Sources say that is about to change with a new initiative that will rollout to all Apple retail stores. … [Read more...]

iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c Coming To Boost Mobile November 8th

Boost Mobile

Announced this morning via a press release, Boost Mobile will carry both the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c starting on November 8th. Customers who purchase the new iPhones from Boost can take part in their $55 monthly unlimited plan that features 'Shrinking Payments'. For every six months that you pay on time, Boost will reduce your bill by $5. The program allows you to reduce up to $15 off your bill, effectively bringing your monthly unlimited plan to $40. These plans include unlimited nationwide talk and text, unlimited data and unlimited voicemail, long distance, call waiting and call forwarding. As we have seen with other carriers, unlimited data is everything but unlimited. You'll have access to high speed data up to 2.5GB, with … [Read more...]