Incipio DualPro Case for iPhone 5 Review

Incipio DualPro iPhone 5 Case review

In the ever competitive iPhone 5 cases market, Incipio strategy is to offer two-in-one. The DualPro case is part silicone case and part hard-shell, offering the promise of signifcantly more protection than their Ultra-Light Feather case. Will these two join forces to create an incredibly good iPhone 5 case? Read on for our complete Incipio Dual PRO for iPhone 5 case review. … [Read more...]

Splash Cruiser Slim-Fit Slider Case for iPhone 5 Review

Splash Cruiser case review for iPhone 5

The slider case is one of the more popular styles of iPhone case and it stands to reason. They are easy to install, offer a good amount of protection and don’t typicallly add much bulk to the iPhone. Splash offers their take on this popular style with their slim-fit case. Read on for our full Splash Cruiser Slim-Fit Slider Case for iPhone 5 review to see if this case is worthy of protecting your iPhone 5. … [Read more...]

Report: iPhone Sales Overtake Android Again


Is the iPhone back on the upswing? Despite being by far the most popular individual handset on the market, Android has generally had a larger market share — thanks in part to the huge number of different models available. One analytics company believes that the current iPhone 5 is doing so well, that it has bumped Android out of the top spot. … [Read more...]

EU Eyes Up Apple Over AppleCare Ads

Screen Shot 2012-10-01 at 7.18.35 AM

Apple prominently advertises AppleCare when purchasing your iPhone, extending the warranty for your hardware for a second year, in case the phone makes an unfortunate acquaintance with a body of water or whatever. However, this advertising could soon be getting Apple in hot water in the EU. … [Read more...]

iPhone 5 Review

iPhone 5

In what was likely the most anticipated iPhone release in recent history, the iPhone 5 (sixth generation) brings with it a larger frame and subtle improvements throughout. It has been described by some as boring, as nothing more than the 4S with a taller display. Does the change adversely affect one-handed use and are the subtle improvements enough to provide real world benefits? Read on for our comprehensive iPhone 5 review as we take a complete look at the new iPhone 5. Progression of Build Quality When you ship as many phones as Apple does each year, economies of scale provide you with greater leverage with parts suppliers and lower costs. The first iPhone cost $599 for an 8GB model and that was with a contract. To their credit, … [Read more...]

Lightning Connector Features Authentication Chip, Dynamic Pins [updated]


The Lightning connector is one of the more exciting new pieces of technology in the iPhone 5, replacing the decidedly long in the tooth dock connector. But what exactly is going on in this all digital connector that makes it so special? AppleInsider has teamed up with Double Helix Cables to look inside the connector, and reveal what makes it tick. … [Read more...]

The iPhone 5 Is Dropped, Scratched, And Torn Apart


The iPhone 5 is only a couple of hours old, and while many are still waiting for theirs to be delivered (yours truly included), those that have them are revealing huge amounts about the hardware and its durability. First, the good news! iFixit has done one of their much loved teardowns of the iPhone 5, and have dubbed it  "the most repairable iPhone we’ve seen in a while," thanks to the easily accessed front screen. Now, on to slightly darker topics. Here we have the first iPhone 5 drop and durability test. While it's a brutal and harrowing thing to watch them beat it all to hell and back, the results are positive, and they call it "by far the most durable iPhone we have seen." The one real concern that has arisen is how easy it … [Read more...]

First iPhone 5 Teardown Hits The Web


We're not meant to be getting our hands on the iPhone 5 until tomorrow. This could change if we see carriers making the mistake of delivering a few devices early. A German website managed to get their hands on one a bit early. The site, iPhone Garage, has undertaken an iPhone 5 teardown. Sure this is a terrible shame and waste of an iPhone 5, but here's hoping they are skilled enough to put it back together. In any event, here's a photo that details all of the components found in an iPhone 5. … [Read more...]

How to track your iPhone 5 before tracking information shows up on the Apple Store


If you've found yourself logging into the Apple Store and growing frustrated by the lack of tracking information, you are not alone. If you have a delivery date of September 21st, there is a good chance that your iPhone 5 is already in the system. Here's a short tutorial on how you can get a head start on tracking the shipment of your iPhone 5. … [Read more...]