Apple iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Program To Deal With Small Number of Affected Devices

iPhone 5 battery replacment

Apple today announced a new program to address issues with poor battery life affecting some iPhone 5 devices. It's been determined that a very small percentage of iPhone 5 devices may have issues with shorter battery life or need longer charge times, a topic being discussed in our forums. For those eligibile, Apple will replace your battery free of charge. … [Read more...]

Logitech case+ Is Unique Case System With Multiple Add-Ons


Logitech today announed case+, a new suite of mobile accessories for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s. The system starts with the case+, a protective case that includes a metal back. Bundled with the case+ are a number of iPhone accessories or add-ons that you can use for specific needs.Logitech hopes this will appeal to those who want flexibility to add and remove accessories, as an alternative to buying multiple single use cases. … [Read more...]

Typo Keyboard Case Backed By Ryan Seacrest Adds Physical Keyboard To iPhone 5/5s

Typo Keyboard

Ryan Seacrest is not a fan of the iPhones on-screen keyboard and is doing something about it. Apparently Seacrest and his friends carry multiple phones, preferring to use a phone with a physical keyboard for correspondence. Upon trying all of the current alternatives available to them, Seacrest partnered with Laurence Holder, CEO of Show Media, to develop the Typo Keyboard. It's a slider case that protects the iPhone, adds  minimal thickness and is said to provide "a butter-smooth, tactile typing experience." … [Read more...]

Spigen SGP Saturn Case Review: Near Perfect Companion for Gold iPhone


The introduction and subsequent release of the iPhone 5s has seen a renewed interest in all things gold, including cases and accessories. If you managed to secure a gold iPhone 5s, the natural inclination is to find a case that looks good with it. For those with an iPhone 5 and suffering from a bit of gold envy, cases can be a great way to infuse a bit of life or color into an older phone. Looking to capitalize on the gold rush is Spigen/SGP, who have announced all new cases, many of which are available in a champagne gold. I took a look at the Spigen/SGP Saturn case for iPhone 5s to see how it paired with the gold iPhone 5s. Read on for our full review to see if  it's a perfect companion? … [Read more...]

Should I buy the iPhone 5c or iPhone 5?

iPhone 5c vs iPhone 5

With pre-orders having gone live for the iPhone 5c and the iPhone 5s launching next week, that leaves the iPhone 5 as the odd-phone out. It was released in September 2012, so its early exit from the market, is very early by Apple iPhone standards. The older phones usually linger around, finding new life on the sales shelves at wireless carriers and retails stores. The iPhone 3GS was a dinosaur by cellphone standards, but managed to stick around for years after its release. Now that we've found out that Apple's cheap iPhone isn't so cheap ($99 with new 2-year contract, $549 unlocked), buyers are faced with a new dilemma. Should I buy the iPhone 5c or iPhone 5? … [Read more...]

How T-Mobile iPhone Plans Compare To AT&T & Verizon

T-Mobile iPhone plans compared

T-Mobile today started accepting pre-orders for the iPhone 5, as part of their new contract-free wireless plans. The T-Mobile plans require you pay for the phone over a span of 2 years and requires a down payment. In the case of the 16GB iPhone 5, that's $99, with a $20 monthy payment for 24 months. The total outlay is $579, not including your wireless charges. If at any time you decide to leave T-Mobile, you are still responsible for the cost of the iPhone, but they will at that point unlock the phone. … [Read more...]

Belkin Grip Candy Sheer iPhone 5 Case Review

belkin grip candy sheer case review

The Belkin Grip Candy Sheer Case for iPhone 5 aims to find the right mix of minimal protection with good looks. On the packaging, it reads “Inspired By You, Designed By Belkin”. So is it inspired enough to be the right case for you. Read on for our comprehensive Belkin Grip Candy Sheer iPhone 5 case review, complete with photo gallery. … [Read more...]

PSA: Don’t Sit On Your iPhone 5


I would have thought this was self-evident, but apparently since the iPhone 5 launched in China, there's been a rash of people leaving their iPhone in their back pocket — and bending them when they sit down. I...I just don't know what to say. No, it's probably not a good idea to take the incredibly expensive piece of high-end gadgetry you just bought, and put all of your weight on it while you sit down. … [Read more...]

Poetic Atmosphere Case for iPhone 5 Review

poetic atmosphere iphone 5 case review

The iPhone 5 is a beautiful slab of aluminum, so it stands to reason that many customers are looking for a case that provides protection and at the same time, doesn’t hide it. Clear cases and to a lesser extent translucent cases do just that and there's a new entry in this category from Poetic. It's thin, lightweight and the translucent casing allows the Apple logo show through. It's got plenty going for it, but is it worthy of protecting your iPhone 5. Read on for our full Poetic Atmosphere Case for iPhone 5 review. … [Read more...]

SwitchEasy Tones Case for iPhone 5 Review

SwitchEasy Tones case iPhone 5 review

I remember when I first held the iPhone 5. It felt fake. Incredibly thin and light, in part due to the aluminum casing, which apparently is susceptible to scuffing. Some say scuffing adds character, but I’m not in that crowd. I like my devices to remain as if they were just removed from the box. I’m willing to take the trade-off of added bulk for an iPhone that stays in pristine condition. That being said, I’m always conflicted because I want to experience the thin, light design of the iPhone 5 as intended by Jony Ive and company. I was eager to try the latest from SwitchEasy, a manufacturer I’d heard plenty of over the years, but never had a chance to test out. Read on for my full SwitchEasy Tones Case for iPhone 5 review to see if this is … [Read more...]