Target Will Give You $200 Gift Card On iPad 1st Gen Trade-In

Original iPad

Target is offering customers a minimun $200 gift card in exchange for any iPad, including the first generation 16GB WiFi iPad. The offer requires that the device is in working order with no scratches on the screen. While trade-in offers are typically lower than you can get from Craigslist, eBay, Gazelle and others, this particular offer is well above what you could get from a private sale. Gazelle offers $80 on a first gen iPad trade-in, provided it is in flawless condition. … [Read more...]

Best Personal Finance Apps for iPhone and iPad

Toshl for iPhone 1

As I'm sure you're aware, money is not the easiest commodity to get your hands on. So, when you do manage to put something in the bank, you really should be looking after it. Keeping accounts has always been the best way of doing this, but that seems a bit old-fashioned in the face of a new generation of money tracking apps. For those thinking about keeping a tighter grasp on their balance sheet, I've put together this list of the very best personal finance apps for iPhone and iPad. Mint No money app list would be complete without's offering. After all, the service has revolutionized the landscape of digital record-keeping. Designed to be an all-in-one home for your finances, Mint is capable of tracking your accounts, … [Read more...]

How to enable emoji on iPhone in iOS 6

How to add emoji iPhone

Have you ever received an iMessage or email from a friend with smileys or fun icons. These are also know as Emoji or emoticons. It's easy to enable on your iPhone or iPad, not to mention completely free and does not require a third party app. Follow this easy guide on how to enable emoji on iPhone and iPad using iOS 6. … [Read more...]

everythingiCafe Forums for iPhone and iPad App Now Available in the App Store

forums for iPhone app

A major update to the everythingiCafe Forums app (free) for iPhone and iPad is now available in the App Store. This update brings a host of features including support the iPhone 5 and push notifications. Other notable changes include an entirely new interface and the app is lightning fast. That's not all. The new app has a ton of new features.   … [Read more...]

Best iPad Gift Ideas for iPad Users

iPad gift ideas guide

2012 Holiday Gift Guide for iPad Users Have you got that special someone in your life who absolutely loves their iPad or iPad mini. There is a sea of iPad accessories, but which one should you get that will be a hit? As part of our 2012 Holiday Gift Guides, we present our best iPad gift ideas for iPad users. We’ll make your holiday shopping and gift giving incredibly easy. … [Read more...]

How to lock screen orientation on iPad

lock screen orientation iPad

Your iPad comes with an accelerometer built-in, which allows for the display to shift from portrait to landscape when you rotate it. During every day use, this is perfect for view photos, surfing the web and other activities that lend themselves to rotating between the different views. Having said that, there are times when it can be a bit unruly. As you rotate to landscape, it goes to portrait and vice versa. Holding your iPad parallel to a wall will help corral any of these issues, but there is also the option to keep the screen in one position. Read on for our guide on how to lock screen orientation on iPad in iOS 6, iOS 5 and iOS 4.2. … [Read more...]

3M Natural View Screen Protector Review for iPad

3M Natural View Screen Protector Review for iPad

3M, one of the largest global brands, now offers screen protectors for the iPad. There are no shortage of screen protectors and back skins for the iPad, with a range of prices that range from dirt cheap to upwards of $50. None of them offer all encompassing protection, so providing your iPad with the absolute best coverage can get costly, given you'll have to add a few bucks for a case. Some would cringe at the very thought of applying anything to the screen, while some folks leave the factory plastic on until their screen protector arrives, counting the days until they can breathe again. I tend to be in the second group. When not in my hands, my iPad 4 was seated in it’s original box. I’ve been boxing and unboxing it until being able to … [Read more...]

Best Free Apps for iPad mini and new iPad

Facebook for iPad mini

You’ve just finished up setting up your iPad mini or new iPad, so now it’s time to take advantage of the over 250,000 iPad apps available in the App Store. If you are new to iOS, then you’ll be pleased to know that free doesn’t necessarily mean of lesser quality. Here’s our list of the best free apps for iPad mini and new iPad. Let’s get to downloading the top ten! Best free apps for iPad mini and new iPad Facebook This has to be one of the more polarizing apps for iPad, so why are we including it and listing it first. It’s the biggest social network, where you interact with all of your friends and family. It’s also the absolute best way to keep up with what’s happening on Facebook. One click of the menu and a sliding panel allows for … [Read more...]

How to set up iPad mini

iPad fun

If you just purchased an iPad mini, received it as a gift or plan on picking one up, the process of setting up your iPad takes only minutes to complete and you’ll be able to start enjoying your new iPad mini. If you are upgrading and moving to your data from your old iPad to new iPad, we’ll cover that process as well. Read on for our full guide on how to set up iPad mini. Setting Up Your iPad mini With iOS, you no longer need to connect your iPad to a Mac or PC in order to set it up. It is preferable that you have access to a WiFi network, so be sure to have the name and password needed to login to your wireless network. Select Your Language Select your preferred language and select ‘Next’. Country or Region Select your … [Read more...]

How to sell your iPad

how to sell your iPad

With Apple announcing both the new iPad and iPad mini, you might be among those considering an upgrade. Upgrading can be a very costly expenditure.  If you have an older iPad, there a number of ways you can turn your old gear into cash.  Here’s our guide on how to sell your iPad and upgrade to the new iPad or iPad mini. How To Sell Your iPad Clean It First things first, it’s time to shine it up and remove the hundreds of thousands of fingerprints it has amassed during it’s life. It’s served you well, but you need to prepare it for the next owner, so follow our helpful guide on how to clean your iPad. A soft lint-free cloth is best. In cases where there is extreme grime, then you might want to use just a touch of water on the … [Read more...]