Apple Re-releases iPad 4 With Retina Display from $399

iPad 4 Review

As rumored yesterday, Apple has re-released the 16GB iPad 4. The new iPad with retina display takes the place of the aging iPad 2, with prices starting at $399 for 16GB model. It is identical to the fourth generation iPad 4 we reviewed in October, 2012. All currently shipping products sold by Apple feature the new Lightning dock connection standard. … [Read more...]

Apple Might EOL iPad 2 In Favor Of Refreshed iPad 4


Tomorrow might see two changes in Apple's product line. In addition to earlier reports of a new 8GB iPhone 5c, this model might not be joined by a 16GB iPad 4 that includes Apple's new Lightning connector. The move would mean the end of life for the iPad 2, which is currently the only product Apple sells with the older 3o-pin dock connector and has been previously rumored to be discontinued. … [Read more...]

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover Review for iPad

logitech ultrathin keyboard cover review

Here's to you, Mr. Consumption, for your relentless tweets and comments that the iPad is nothing more than a consumption device. In all seriousness, there are plenty who are in that camp. Yours truly was also firmly entrenched in that camp. Not so much due to my lack of belief that the iPad could do more, but more based on my usage pattern. My iPad was pure consumption. Beautiful retina consumption, but consumption just the same. As a writer, my preference is for a physical keyboard. That's my primary tool for content creation, tethered to either a Mac Pro or a Mac Book Air. So, what if the iPad had a keyboard, would it be time to change camps. Read on for my full Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover review for iPad. See if it's made me a … [Read more...]

3M Natural View Screen Protector Review for iPad

3M Natural View Screen Protector Review for iPad

3M, one of the largest global brands, now offers screen protectors for the iPad. There are no shortage of screen protectors and back skins for the iPad, with a range of prices that range from dirt cheap to upwards of $50. None of them offer all encompassing protection, so providing your iPad with the absolute best coverage can get costly, given you'll have to add a few bucks for a case. Some would cringe at the very thought of applying anything to the screen, while some folks leave the factory plastic on until their screen protector arrives, counting the days until they can breathe again. I tend to be in the second group. When not in my hands, my iPad 4 was seated in it’s original box. I’ve been boxing and unboxing it until being able to … [Read more...]

iPad 4 Review

iPad 4 Review

After just few months since I conducted a review of the third generation iPad, Apple took many by surprise by introducing the iPad 4 or fourth generation iPad. With the decision to drop the 30-pin connector for the shiny new Lightning connector on the iPhone 5, there was plenty of scuttlebutt that perhaps we’d see a minor revision of the iPad 3, to include the new connector. A quiet, but necessary update to get their all of their product portfolio updated to using Lightning. Apple’s recent special event saw the iPad mini announcement, but perhaps the most surprising news was the iPad 4. So what’s new and does Apple’s iPad 4 still reign supreme in the tablet marketplace? Read on for our full iPad 4 review. Physical Appearance When I … [Read more...]

iPad Buyers Guide: Which iPad should I buy?

Apple has announced two new iPads, expanding the product line to include the iPad mini, iPad 2 and the new fourth generation iPad. When it was just one iPad, there was no choice. Customers asked, “Should I buy an iPad.” That was back when people weren’t sure how this new device would fit within our digital lives. Apple has sold 100 million iPads, so clearly that question has been answered. That brings us to today, with many asking, “Which iPad should I buy?” Here are our recommendations and iPad buying guide. I Do Not Currently Own A Tablet If you do not currently own a tablet, I’ve got an iPad or three for you. You have the easiest and toughest decision. Easy because any of the three options are great options, all of which offer you … [Read more...]