iPad 3 To Come This Year?

Oh boy, the iPad 3 to land in 2011? Say what? Alright everyone, put on your rumor helmets, because this gets into kinda hairy territory. Everyone knows John Gruber, right? In a post talking about the HP TouchPad earlier today, he said: The software looks great, it really does, but: Planned availability this summer. Summer feels like a long time away. If my theory is right, they’re not only going to be months behind the iPad 2, but if they slip until late summer, they might bump up against the release of the iPad 3. iPad 3? This year? From the man most connected to Apple on the planet? Say what? Gruber elaborated in a substantial blog post, saying that this wasn't based on any information he directly had, but that he's actually … [Read more...]

HD iPad Screen Rumors Correct, But For iPad 3?

The rumors of a 2x resolution for the rumored HD iPad keep popping up, but the economics of such a high resolution device don't make sense. A 9-inch screen running at 2048x1536 would completely blow the price of the iPad out of the water. This is what prompted IDC analyst, Tom Mainelli to say that the evidence is strong enough that he thinks such a screen is coming, but not until the iPad 3: I think the Digitimes story probably got the resolution right, but the iPad version wrong. Our sources say Apple has requested that manufacturers begin work on displays with that resolution for the iPad 3. I don't believe anybody is ready to produce that resolution in volumes at this point. And Apple is going to require huge volumes for the iPad … [Read more...]

Are iPad 2 High Resolution Rumors Just That?

We've been hearing a lot over the last few days about the possibility of a high resolution screen for the next iteration of iPad, as evidenced by high resolution icons in iBooks and unnamed sources talking to various tech blogs. While the rumored screen is not quite at the pixel density of the iPhone 4, it would probably be sharp enough to be considered a Retina Display. Unfortunately, it appears that the this screen might not be happening. John Gruber, who is one of the most closely placed bloggers to Apple, doesn't think it will. The dude's generally on the ball with these predictions, and he says that the iPad 2 will have the same resolution as the original, but that the screen may be improved in other ways: I asked around, and … [Read more...]

iPhone 5 Completely Redesigned, New Chipsets and Apple TV 1080p Support

iPhone 5

According to Engadget's well placed sources, Apple's new devices will start using Qualcomm chipsets and this will start with the Verizon iPhone. The AT&T iPhone 4 currently uses an Infineon chipset. The sources also claim that the iPad 2, which has been rumored to launch early this year, is not close to being launched. This comes as good news for those who picked up the iPad as a holiday gift. Estimates have the iPad 2 on track for an April launch, which is the one year anniversary of the launch of the current generation iPad. The new iPad 2 will feature a new super high resolution display. While not the retina display on the iPhone 4, it will be include improvements over the current generation. They also expect a thinner, sleeker body … [Read more...]

Steve Jobs Criticizes 7-Inch Tablets, No iPad Mini?

In today's quarterly earnings call, Steve Jobs took time to comment on the avalanche of oncoming Android tablets, which he called "only a trickle." He commented that the 7-inch screens that most of them use have only 45% of the screen area of the 10-inch ones, which is too small for most users, and not big enough to make great apps. He thinks that increasing the resolution to make up the difference wouldn't be enough, "unless you include sandpaper so users can sand down their fingers." Since most tablet users also have a smartphone, he doesn't think that giving up space on the tablet to increase portability is worth it. This appears to be a pretty obvious refutation of the rumored 7-inch iPad, as Steve Jobs seems pretty clear that he … [Read more...]

Jim Dalrymple: 7-Inch iPad Already Here


Jim Dalrymple has made a very interesting news post over at The Loop, he's claiming that a smaller iPad isn't in the works, Apple developed in in tandem with the current 9-inch model, but only the larger model was released. This comes on the back of analysts predicting 45 million in sales for the device, and that a smaller Retina Display version will be launched in 2011. Here's what Dalrymple has to say on the matter: The fact is, Apple already has a 7-inch iPad. They have had one of the smaller devices since they started making the 9.7-inch iPad that we have now. To be clearer, the two devices were developed at the same time. They have pretty much the same specs, except, of course, the 9.7-inch model has a higher density screen than … [Read more...]

Chinese Source Claims 7-inch iPad Is Designed

Chinese website Shanzai is reporting that the design for a new, smaller iPad is completed, and it will look similar to the iPhone 4, just larger. Yes there will be a 7” tablet, yes it’s well underway in terms of product development and in fact it’s a finished product. Yes 5 plus different designs have been floating around to help Apple protect itself from people discovering its next product look and feel but... the final design will in fact bear more resemblance to the iPhone 4 stylings than the original iPad design. That’s not a huge amount of information to go on, but if the newer tablets from Apple need to also include new features like cameras and buttons to accommodate apps like Facetime then it just might make sense. It also … [Read more...]

Rumor: iPad 2 Will Get Gyro


A report by UBM TechInsights suggests that the iPad was designed to take a same three-axis gyroscope that's similar to the one found on the iPhone 4. After taking an iPad apart on a minute level, TechInsights found a vacant 24-pad slot, right next to the accelerometer. On the iPhone 4, that exact location is taken up by the STMicro L3G4200D gyroscope, which takes only 16-pads. The report thinks that the presence of the 24-pad slot indicates that Apple tested the iPad with a different manufacturer's gyroscope, most likely by InvenSense, which required the all 24 connections. Steve Bitton of UBM TechInsights thinks we'll see a gyroscope in the next iPad based on the fact that Apple has obviously put some effort into working it into the … [Read more...]

New iPods, iPad, iPhone and Bumpers Rumored


iLounge's resident tipster has hooked them up with a bunch of new rumors, which vary from reasonably believable, to not so much. iPods: Three new models, somewhere between this month and September. The rumor says there will be a new nano, a new touch, and something they're not sure about — possibly the weird touchscreen shuffle we've heard some rumors of in months past. iPad: A seven-inch iPad mini, for announcement in late 2010/early 2011. 9 to 5 Mac has a source that's telling them it will be seven inches, but will use a Retina Display, and have 1590x1900 resolution, and a front-facing camera. iPhone: Apparently, Apple has pushed forward the release for the iPhone 5 to next January, due to the antennae brouhaha. It might be a … [Read more...]

Apple Looking To Hire Camera Engineer For iPad


Adding more fuel to the fire that the second gen iPad will have a camera, an Apple job opening is looking for someone who knows a bit about cameras to work on the iPad. The job listing says: The Interactive Media Group (IMG) provides the media and graphics foundation across all of Apple's innovative products, including iPhone, iPad, apple TV, iPod, iTunes, and Mac OS. Combining cutting-edge software techniques with next-generation hardware, IMG takes the media experience to the next level. The Media Systems team is looking for a software quality engineer with a strong technical background to test still, video and audio capture and playback frameworks. Build on your QA experience and knowledge of digital camera technology (still and … [Read more...]