Complete guide on how to backup iPhone on iTunes and iCloud

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One of the most important things you should do is to regularly backup your iPhone. Unfortunately, it's also on the top of the list of things people neglect to do on any consistent basis. There is a reason for the increased storage and bigger screens on today's smartphones. These devices often act as our primary computing devices, in addition to completely replacing your old point and shoot camera. At their core, these are mobile devices, designed so that you can take them virtually anywhere. Unlike an old desktop computer that spends its life sitting on a desk, your iPhone goes everywhere. That makes is incredibly susceptible to drops, being lost and gasp, going for a swim. All surefire ways to kill your phone and more importantly, lose … [Read more...]

iOS 7: Mounting Complaints of Apps Refreshing, Resetting When Switching

iOS 7 app refresh reset

Multitasking is nothing new to iOS, though iOS 7 did bring a new 'cards' view that provides a window preview of what's happening within the app. The process for entering multitasking remains the same, double-click the home button and select your app. For many users, they rely daily on this functionality to work between apps, so you could describe it as vital for productivity. For example, you might be writing an email in the Mail app and looking to copy text from Safari. A lengthy forum discussion on Apple's support forums describes many users who are experiencing a problem in iOS 7 where apps will refresh or reset when switching between them. … [Read more...]

The Crashing of iOS 7

iOS 7 crashing

From the inception of iOS 7, Apple's polarizing operating system has had its fair share of critics. The initial blowback from developers, early adopters and journalists subsided by the time it was launched. The public release brought a second wave of criticism, which for the most part was in response to the exceedingly bright icons, a stark interface and for some, a removal of some key features affecting productivity apps. Change is hard, but over time, you'll appreciate iOS 7, finding it impossible to even think about going back iOS 6. That was the general feedback offered by those who had spent months using iOS 7. I count myself among those who was critical at first. At some point, it clicked and it all made sense. That's what I told … [Read more...]

Some Users Experiencing Grayed Out WiFi on iPhone 4S After iOS 7 Update

Grayed out WiFi

Upon upgrading to iOS 7, a significant number of iPhone 4S users have been experiencing WiFi settings that are grayed out. The grayed out WiFi removes the option to enable WiFi. Using Control Center, the toggle is present, but it won't actually enable WiFi. Apple has made recommendations on a possible fix, but for many, it doesn't appear to correct the problem. Probably the most bizarre part of the story is the workaround to get Wi-Fi working again on an iPhone 4s that includes either using a hair dryer or your freezer. … [Read more...]

iOS 7 and Why Accessibility Settings Have Gone Mainstream

iOS 7.1

Ask a few people for their thoughts about iOS 7 and you're bound to get a range of responses. Some people absolutely love the changes, while for some it's a mixed bag. Others are desperate to find a way to go back to iOS 6. The last group is in the most trouble, since Apple offers no way to revert from iOS 7 to iOS 6. The people who are unhappy with a product are always the most vocal and iOS 7 is no different. When changes are made to any beloved product, there will be dissenters, those who are happy with any change to the status quo. What's difficult for Apple is to assess just how many customers fall into that last category.  iOS updates do not typically suffer from low adoption rates, so that becomes a meaningless metric. Some of this … [Read more...]

7 on iOS 7: iPhone Tips For Seniors

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Having parents that are seniors, I certainly understand the frustrations of technology from their perspective. It's only been in the past few years that they realized the need for a cellphone, let alone an iPhone. Times are changing. More and more seniors are seeing the benefits of technology. I credit the iPad, which often can serve as a replacement for an aging PC or Mac. This helps make for a natural transition for seniors from a cellphone to an iPhone. Everything pretty much works the same way and it can make calls. Many seniors have found a comfort zone with iOS. The major changes in iOS 7 can be a bit disconcerting.  Here are a few iPhone tips for seniors to help you reclaim that comfort zone with iOS 7. … [Read more...]

Users asking Apple, “How do I uninstall iOS 7?”

Uninstall iOS 7

A number of active discussions are taking place on Apple's own support forums, with customers asking how do I uninstall iOS 7. It's not uncommon for new releases of any software to elicit similar responses. iOS 6 had its share of threads asking to downgrade versions. That in mind, there seems to be a larger contingent of discontent this time around, due to the massive overhaul of the user interface. There are also more people upgrading, which would add to the greater number of threads. Over 200 million makes iOS 7 the fasted adopted version of iOS in history. One thread now has 602 replies, a seemingly large number considering the answer was given in the third post. The unfortunate answer for many is, there is no way to downgrade from iOS … [Read more...]

7 On iOS 7: Awesome Tips for Using The Messages App

Messages iOS 7 tips

The new Messages app in iOS 7 is visually different, but at the same time incredibly familiar. Apple has included a number of new features that might not be apparent, especially as your gazing at the new simple and clean interface. So what's new and are there any hidden gems in the Messages app in iOS 7? Read on for this installment of 7 on iOS 7, a look at 7 Awesome Tips for Messages on iOS 7. … [Read more...]

iOS 7 Review and Guide

iOS 7 Review

iOS 7 Review and Guide: Everything You Need To Know About Apple's New Operating System Polarizing has been a common word to describe Apple's iOS 7. For years, we've grown accustomed to yearly updates that would layer new features over the existing framework. When you updated from iOS 4 to iOS 5 or iOS 5 to iOS 6, the changes were not so extreme as to disrupt your comfort zone. Apple would rollout new software releases on a yearly basis, which would include hundreds of new features. If you had a relatively current iPhone, you were in line to receive a free software update, that would include most, if not all of the new features. Some older models would miss out due to hardware limitations, but for the most part, they got to take part in the … [Read more...]

Why Upgrading To iOS 7 Won’t Be Free

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In a matter of weeks, iOS 7 will be released. Anyone with a compatible iOS device (iPhone 4 or later, iPad 2 or later) will be eligible for the upgrade. There are plenty of tremendous features. The overarching tent pole feature this year will be the entirely new look. Apple has been promoting the new update for months, but I suspect when it lands it will generate both shock and awe. It's polarizing. As Apple indicated at WWDC 13, there will be no charge for upgrading, but the move to iOS 7 won't be free. Many developers will be creating all-new iOS 7 compatible versions of their apps that will require repurchase. That's not to say that all apps will require a paid update to get iOS 7 UI and compatibility. Expect a divide come this September … [Read more...]