How to block text messages in iOS 7

Block text messages in iOS 7

Apple's iOS 7 operating system offers more privacy controls, allowing you to control who does and doesn't contact you. Previous versions of iOS required you contact your carrier or use a third-party application that often required you jailbreak your iPhone. It was frustrating for people, who rightly so, expected Apple's iPhone to handle such an easy request. If you are receiving unwanted texts from ex-boyfriends, ex-girlfriends, telemarketers, having an iPhone often led to frustration. Things have changed with iOS 7 and Apple has made it incredibly easy to block text messages in iOS 7. … [Read more...]

iOS 7: Mounting Complaints of Apps Refreshing, Resetting When Switching

iOS 7 app refresh reset

Multitasking is nothing new to iOS, though iOS 7 did bring a new 'cards' view that provides a window preview of what's happening within the app. The process for entering multitasking remains the same, double-click the home button and select your app. For many users, they rely daily on this functionality to work between apps, so you could describe it as vital for productivity. For example, you might be writing an email in the Mail app and looking to copy text from Safari. A lengthy forum discussion on Apple's support forums describes many users who are experiencing a problem in iOS 7 where apps will refresh or reset when switching between them. … [Read more...]

Next generation Apple TV referenced in iOS 7

Apple TV iOS 7 reference

The Apple TV is likely to see a refresh sometime in early 2014. The last product refresh was in March of 2012, when Apple released the third generation with support for 1080p. Various rumors have a new model which will include support for a new content type, support for games and could feature a router integrated into the product. What was once a hobby for Apple, it's now listed as a major product category in the Apple Store next to iPhone, iPad, iPod and Macs. The first confirmed existence of new hardware comes today via 9to5mac, who have spotted references to the new hardware in an iOS 7 software build. Within iOS 7, there is a reference to AppleTV4,1, within the Apple TV framework. It apparently refers to AirPlay functionality. … [Read more...]

Video Gives Best Look Yet at iOS in the Car

iOS in the Car

Last week, we spotted leaked screenshots from Apple's iOS in the Car, the forthcoming feature that will allow deep integration between devices running iOS 7 and in-dash systems of newer cars that build-in support. Developer Steven Troughton-Smith has published a video that provides a better look at what we might expect when the feature goes live. This code is currently in iOS 7.0.3, so things could certainly change. … [Read more...]

Apple iOS in the Car Screenshots Leak

iOS in the car

When Apple revealed iOS 7 last year, one of the keystone features was iOS in the Car and it remains on their site with a 'coming soon' notation. Apple is quickly progressing with iOS 7.1, with beta 4 being seeded yesterday to developers. Earlier today, developer Steven Stroughton-Smith posted a number of screenshots, sans any comment, that had the appearances of being the current rendition of Apple's iOS in the Car. … [Read more...]

The Crashing of iOS 7

31 flavors

From the inception of iOS 7, Apple's polarizing operating system has had its fair share of critics. The initial blowback from developers, early adopters and journalists subsided by the time it was launched. The public release brought a second wave of criticism, which for the most part was in response to the exceedingly bright icons, a stark interface and for some, a removal of some key features affecting productivity apps. Change is hard, but over time, you'll appreciate iOS 7, finding it impossible to even think about going back iOS 6. That was the general feedback offered by those who had spent months using iOS 7. I count myself among those who was critical at first. At some point, it clicked and it all made sense. That's what I told … [Read more...]

evasi0n7 iOS 7 Jailbreak Released

iOS 7 jailbreak

In what comes as a bit of a suprise, the evad3rs development team has released an iOS 7 jailbreak. The evasi0n jailbreak was just announced and is available on their website for download, for both Mac and PC. This represents the first actual jailbreak for iOS 7 and it is compatible with iOS 7.0 through iOS 7.0x. Evad3rs have been at the forefront of jailbreaking, having been the team behind the last iOS 6 jailbreak. The prevailing thought was that the team had been holding onto an exploit for iOS 7. In recent weeks, the lack of an iOS 7 jailbreak had led to some doubts that it would ever happen. The development team had been relatively quiet, with no specific roadmap as to when we could expect a release. Apple has already released … [Read more...]

Camera+ for iPhone Updated With iOS 7 Design, Adds New Lab Feature


Tap Tap Tap has released version 5 of their supremely awesome Camera+ photo app for iPhone, an app we included on our list of the best paid apps for iPhone. This update brings a much more significant iOS 7 look and feel. The previous version had certain UI tweaks that leaned in that direction, but this version completes its iOS 7 transformation. … [Read more...]

Apple To Require Apps, App Updates To Be Optimized for iOS 7

iOS 7 optimized

Apple today released a short memo to developers titled 'Make Your Apps Work Seamlessly with iOS 7', putting in place a few strict guidelines for apps and app updates. The new guidelines start on February 1st and required developers build their apps using the latest version of Xcode 5. In addition, all apps must be optimized for iOS 7. Apple points developers to the rather in-depth iOS Human Interface Guidelines for iOS 7. This is a sunsetting of sorts for iOS 6 development, which makes sense. iOS 7 has been out for almost three months. Developers have had access to the SDK since June. There are still a large number of apps that haven't been updated to match the design aesthetic associated with iOS 7. While it's understandable that … [Read more...]

Some Users Experiencing Grayed Out WiFi on iPhone 4S After iOS 7 Update

Grayed out WiFi

Upon upgrading to iOS 7, a significant number of iPhone 4S users have been experiencing WiFi settings that are grayed out. The grayed out WiFi removes the option to enable WiFi. Using Control Center, the toggle is present, but it won't actually enable WiFi. Apple has made recommendations on a possible fix, but for many, it doesn't appear to correct the problem. Probably the most bizarre part of the story is the workaround to get Wi-Fi working again on an iPhone 4s that includes either using a hair dryer or your freezer. … [Read more...]