Hacker Working On Porting Google Maps To iOS 6

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We're all waiting with bated breath for Google to release Google Maps for iOS (or waiting for Apple to approve it, depending on who you listen to). But someone has gone ahead and done something about it. Hacker Ryan Petrich is working on getting Google Maps back into iOS 6 as soon as possible. old Google-powered Maps mostly works on iOS 6.0 with a little trickery: youtube.com/watch?v=A2yZRG… — Ryan Petrich (@rpetrich) September 23, 2012 If Petrich gets this working properly, it sounds like he plans on releasing it for jailbroken iOS 6 devices. There's still a bit of work to do, as Petrich explained to TNW: Currently it requires binaries from both an older 5.1 SDK and an older 5.1 version of iOS and is thus not redistributable. This … [Read more...]

How to get Google Maps back on your iPhone in iOS 6 (sort of)

Google Maps iOS 6

The brushback to Apple’s decision to take over the Maps application has left many of users longing for Google Maps. Apple's own app has come under fire due to its lack of quality mapping data. There have been Tumblr sites created for the sole purpose of showcasing how some locations are completely off the mark. If you rely on your iPhone to get you places, this move is no doubt unsettling. Google should be working on a replacement app, but it’s still unclear as to when or if the app will become available in the App Store. While it’s not as elegant as a native app, you can add a shortcut to the application on your home screen. Here’s how to add Google Maps back on your iPhone in iOS 6. Open Safari and navigate to … [Read more...]

iOS 6 Facebook Guide and Review

Facebook iOS 6 Guide & Review

Originally thought to be part of the iOS 5 update, Facebook in iOS 6 is deeply integrated, making it easier than ever to share photos, websites and more in iOS. You’ll also find it easier to keep your contact and calendar information updated for your friends and family. Learn about all the changes in our iOS 6 Facebook guide. Easier To Share You spend a good amount of your time on the web using your iPhone and iPad. It’s easier than every than ever to share great websites to your wall, all directly within Safari on iOS. Let’s say that you’ve found a great how-to guide here on everythingiCafe and want to share it with your friends. At the bottom of your browser window, you’ll see a small arrow icon on the menu bar. Tapping on the … [Read more...]

iOS 6 Maps Guide and Review

iOS 6 Maps Guide and Review

One the integral pieces of iOS has been its Maps application, which up until now was powered by Google. Google Maps is a favorite, regardless of mobile platform and even on the desktop. It’s how we find places, get directions and see actual photos of locations. With location based services and the explosion of social apps that offer checking in, the Maps application is a key component in iOS. In iOS 6, the Maps app gets a major overhaul and it’s now an Apple designed app. At some point, you’ll be able to download a standalone Google Maps application. So how does the new app stand up to the old standby? Read on for our full review and guide to Maps in iOS 6. How do I get the new Maps app? That’s the easy part. When you upgrade … [Read more...]

iOS 6 Siri Guide and Review

iOS 6 Siri Guide and Review

One of the major new features in iOS 6 is the expanded set of capabilities built into Siri. Siri will help you find a restaurant, movie and the latest sports scores and so much more. The information for these categories is displayed in beautifully designed ‘cards’ that let you dig deeper finding a wealth of information, all from within Siri. Read on for our complete iOS 6 Siri Guide, part of our continuing series of guides to iOS 6. Restaurants Using the phrase, “Siri, find me a restaurant in [insert name of town]” will return a list of restaurants in that town. Siri is now integrated with Yelp. The resulting list of resturants comes up in a beautifully designed card that provides address, reviews, distance and relative cost. … [Read more...]

iOS 6 Available Today

iOS 6

Today will mark the release of iOS 6, available today as a free iOS software update for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. With over 200 new features, the iOS 6 update will be available for download through iTunes and over the air. iOS 6 is compatible with the following devices: iPhone 3GS iPhone 4 iPhone 4S iPod touch 4th generation iPad 2 The new iPad (third generation) Some of the big new features include a completely new Maps application that features turn-by-turn voice guided navigation, improved Siri, deep Facebook integration, shared photo streams, Passbook and FaceTime over cellular. To see which features will work with your device, check out our iOS 6 Features & Compatibility Matrix. The update is … [Read more...]

Apple Shows Off iOS 6, Maps, Passbook, Siri


As part of today's big events, Apple has been showing off some of the features of iOS 6 running on the new iPhone 5. First off the bench was Maps, now completely sans-Google, with 3D buildings, points of interest,  flyover, and turn-by-turn directions. I'm still shedding a tear for the loss of public transport information. Safari can now go fullscreen, and sync tabs via iCloud. Mail will let you tag people as VIPs, and messages from them will get shunted into their own mailbox. One of the big new features is Passbook, which was shown off with Delta, Starwood Hotels, and more. It's tickets, coupons, movie tickets, and more. Photo Streams will now allow you to subscribe to streams of your friends and relatives, … [Read more...]