Apple’s iTunes Store Now Allows Gifting From iBooks Store

Gift This Book

Just in time for the holidays, Apple has expanded 'gifting' to include iBooks from the iBooks Store Gifting from the iTunes Store has previously been limited to music, movies and apps. It's expected that 2013 will be an iPad Christmas, so it would make sense that a number of folks would like to gift books to loved ones. The iPad, in particular those with retina displays, offer super-sharp text which translates to making them good reading devices. If you have someone close to you who loves reading and has an iPad, now you can digitally send them an iBook. Here are all the details relevant to gifting from the iBooks Store. … [Read more...]

iBooks App Updated for iOS 7

iBooks for iOS 7

Apple has released a major update to their iBooks app for iPhone and iPad. The new version available now in the App Store features a completely redesigned look and feel, more in keeping with the design style of iOS 7. From the minimal changelog, it appears little else has changed when it comes to new features. You can download iBooks (free) from the App Store. … [Read more...]

Best Grilling and BBQ Apps for iPhone and iPad


It’s Memorial Day this weekend in the US or as I like to call it, the official kick-off to barbecue and grilling season. You might already have a special burger blend that you use, but there are plenty of recipes, timers and other apps to help guide you to become a better grill master. Before you fire up the grill, check out our best BBQ apps for iPhone and iPad. GrillTime Whether it’s burgers, steaks or a combination, the goal of this app is to help you prepare the meat to your liking. You can set the thickness, how you’d like it cooked and have the built-in timer notify you when it’s ready. One of the app reviewers put it best, “I prefer a cold beverage and good conversation when I grill. Having all my settings programmed allows … [Read more...]

How To Liberate Your E-Books from Stanza, Google, iBooks and More


If you're a bookworm like me, you've probably discovered that iPhone and iPad users are spoiled for choice for e-reading apps and marketplaces on iOS. Kindle, Kobo, Google Books and iBooks all offer up huge libraries, but they also have the irritating habit of locking you in to a proprietary reader. Should you happen to prefer one over the other, you're stuck using the associated marketplace. If the books you're buying don't have DRM, though, you don't have to simply mind your manners and read how the booksellers want you to read. Whether you want to move your books between apps because of situations like Amazon sunsetting Stanza or you just prefer the way one app handles night mode over another, you should be able to use the reader you … [Read more...]