FaceTime Hacked Onto iPad

It's an ugly hack, but a genius iFans has managed to port the iPod Touch version of Facetime onto the existing iPad. Since it has no camera, obviously the people on the other side can't see you, but the audio works just fine, and the interface has been tweaked for the high res screen, too. It'll only work over Wi-Fi, and putting it together is trickier than many other hacks, but it's might impressive for that. Here's the official walkthrough: Things needed: Conference.framework, IMCore.framework MobilePhone.app, ConferenceRegistrationSettings.bundle, AVFoundation.framework, Celestial.framework, and the UISounds folder all from iPod Touch 4 4.2.1 firmware and a Jailbroken iPad running 4.2.1 (works on untethered and tethered) Please … [Read more...]