How to sell your iPad

how to sell your iPad

With Apple announcing both the new iPad and iPad mini, you might be among those considering an upgrade. Upgrading can be a very costly expenditure.  If you have an older iPad, there a number of ways you can turn your old gear into cash.  Here’s our guide on how to sell your iPad and upgrade to the new iPad or iPad mini. How To Sell Your iPad Clean It First things first, it’s time to shine it up and remove the hundreds of thousands of fingerprints it has amassed during it’s life. It’s served you well, but you need to prepare it for the next owner, so follow our helpful guide on how to clean your iPad. A soft lint-free cloth is best. In cases where there is extreme grime, then you might want to use just a touch of water on the … [Read more...]

How to sell your iPad and what it’s worth

how to sell your iPad worth

The announcement has come and gone, and the new iPad will shortly be upon us. As the most popular tablet ever, the iPad 2 has many consumers that may be looking to upgrade to the latest and greatest model. Some of us (myself included) just can’t resist the allure of the newest gadget to hit the streets. A good way to help make up some of the difference in cost in the new model is to sell your iPad 2, and now is the perfect time to do with these simple tips. Here's how to sell your iPad and will also include information on what it's worth. … [Read more...]