Foursquare Swarm Makes It Easier To Keep Up With Friends

Foursquare Swarm

Foursquare has debuted a new app today which they say will make it easier to keep in touch with your friends. Foursquare Swarm lets you check-in, as you would with the regular app, but its focus is on letting you find and contact friends who are nearby. While the main app is often used for finding a great restaurant or places nearby, this app is geared as more of a friend finder. It's an interesting twist for the service, creating two apps from one, with a heavy dose of duplication. … [Read more...]

App Review: GetGlue, the Homebody Alternative to FourSquare

For the consistently homebound who don't get much use out of apps like FourSquare that display the nightly travels of imbibers, the new GetGlue app attempts to fill the void. Instead of checking into restaurants, bars, or coffee shops, GetGlue lets you "check in" when watching a movie or TV show, reading a book, listening to music, playing a video game, and even discussing a topic. Use the app to connect with friends via Facebook and Twitter to share what you're doing and get recommendations for new movies and books based on your history. … [Read more...]

App Showdown: FourSquare vs. MyTown


The world of social media connections opened up a little more with the introduction of Loopt to mobile phones a few years ago. Suddenly, mobile phone users were able to share with friends are they up to, specifically where they are on a map, just by updating their real-time, GPS-enabled Loopt profile. The idea took off right away and has been going strong ever since. But Loopt came on the scene early in the iPhone game, and with the explosion of new apps in the App Store that has since taken place, users seemed to be looking for some sort of pay-off to sharing such privileged information. Enter: FourSquare. FourSquare has been hailed the "next Twitter" or even a "hyperlocal Twitter," as it allows users to share their locations via … [Read more...]