Paper, the new app from Facebook is available now

Facebook Paper

Paper, the highly visual stories app from Facebook is now available in the App Store. The app lets you to create your own ‘paper’ that includes stories, which can include posts from your friends and news articles. If you are familiar with Flipboard, this seems to be a riff on that app, with a heavy dose of your news feed. … [Read more...]

Facebook Introduces Paper, A Highly Visual App For Stories

Facebook Paper

Facebook today announced Paper, an entirely new app that will be available on February 3rd. Paper is a highly visual app that allows you to create your own 'paper' that includes stories, which can include posts from your friends and news articles. If you are familiar with Flipboard, this seems to be a riff on that app, with a heavy dose of your news feed. … [Read more...]

What You Can and Cannot Do About Facebook AutoPlay Videos On iPhone

Facebook autoplay videos

The holiday season has no doubt resulted in an influx of shared photos and videos on Facebook. While I enjoy the occasional video from friends and family, I prefer to have control over playback. In recent months, Facebook has started to employ auto-playback of videos within a news feed. As you scroll through your Facebook news feed, video playback is often an uninvited distraction. If you are on a data plan, the thought of extraneous video playback counting against your oh-so precious data allotment can be frustrating. There's good news and no so good news for iPhone owners looking to disable Facebook autoplay videos. … [Read more...]

Facebook Messenger Updated for iOS 7

Facebook Messenger

Released today, the new Facebook Messenger app is out and offers a completely new iOS 7 design. The redesign is impressive, vivid blue icon and all. The new update allows users to message people in your contacts. Previously, Facebook Messenger would only work with your Facebook friends. Using the new Messenger, you can add new contacts by entering their phone number. So how does this all work? People can add you as a contact if they already have your phone number, but only friends can see this number on Facebook. When you launch the new app, you'll be asked if you would like to 'Text Anyone in Your Phone'. At that point, you can opt to have your contacts continuously synced, so that you can see who else is on Messenger. If you see a … [Read more...]

Facebook Working On Major iPhone App Updates Led By Former Apple Engineer

Facebook app

Facebook developers are working on major updates to both the main Facebook app for iPhone and the Messenger app, this according to a new report from Mark Gurman at 9to5Mac. The projects are being led by Greg Novick, a former engineer at Apple who played a key role in developing both the Mail and Phone apps, along with working on the original iPhone software. The update to the primary Facebook app will now integrate the companies Graph Search tool. … [Read more...]

Updates: Twitter and Facebook for iOS 7, All Things Go Flat

Twitter Facebook updates

Facebook and Twitter both released updates to their respective apps today, joining the iOS 7 release party. Neither app update could be portrayed as major, but there are some subtle changes that most users will appreciate. Facebook Facebook gets a much needed refresh. The app icon hasn't changed at all, but there are some notable changes within. The developers have gone with a completely flat blue for the top bar that is now clearly labeled as your 'News Feed'. Requests, Messages and Notifications have been moved to a new Twitter-esque menu bar at the bottom. A new search icon should make it easier to search your timeline. This replaces the old menu bar that had your favorites, pages, groups, apps and so on. The new version … [Read more...]

Facebook Bringing Chat Heads, Stickers to iPhone, iPad

There’s been plenty of talk about Facebook Home, an Android application which for the most part, takes over the entire interface of the phone. This includes lock screen, app drawer, notifications and more. Given Apple’s tight controls over iOS, we shouldn’t expect to see this any time soon, if your definition of any time soon is never. That has not stopped Facebook from trying to bring some of the newer features found in Home to iPhone and iPad. Version 6.0 of Facebook will be released shortly and the app will include Chat Heads. These are circular avatars of your friends that can be pinned to various parts of the display. To interact via Messenger, tap on Chat Head and send a message. … [Read more...]

How to sync Facebook contacts with iPhone

Enter Facebook credentials

For many people, Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family, not to mention the fervent sharing of the latest viral videos. Outside of calling all of your friends, it also happens to be a great way to get the latest address information, phone number, birthday and more. Calling all of your friends and manually entering this information isn’t exactly a time friendly pursuit. If you wish to sync Facebook contacts with iPhone, you’ll be pleased to know that the entire process only takes a matter of minutes. … [Read more...]

Best Free Apps for iPad mini and new iPad

Facebook for iPad mini

You’ve just finished up setting up your iPad mini or new iPad, so now it’s time to take advantage of the over 250,000 iPad apps available in the App Store. If you are new to iOS, then you’ll be pleased to know that free doesn’t necessarily mean of lesser quality. Here’s our list of the best free apps for iPad mini and new iPad. Let’s get to downloading the top ten! Best free apps for iPad mini and new iPad Facebook This has to be one of the more polarizing apps for iPad, so why are we including it and listing it first. It’s the biggest social network, where you interact with all of your friends and family. It’s also the absolute best way to keep up with what’s happening on Facebook. One click of the menu and a sliding panel allows for … [Read more...]