Sprint will take your old iPhone and offer you $100 off a new iPhone 4S

Sprint iPhone 4S trade-in

The concept of trade-ins is nothing new in the wireless industry, but Sprint has a bit of twist accepting old iPhones from any carrier. In an attempt to woo customers who might be disgruntled over discontinued or throttled data plans, they are offering this trade-in on any new iPhone 4S with unlimited data. You can take advantage of this offer by either visiting your local Sprint store or online. How to save in-store 
Reserve your iPhone 4S online or find a store near you. 
(excludes upgrades) Bring your old iPhone with you to the store. Save $100 instantly. How to save online 
Buy your iPhone 4S through our online store and open a new line of service. (excludes upgrades) After you receive your new iPhone, visit … [Read more...]

“Watch With eBay” Combines TV Watching With Rampant Consumerism


Ever thought the advertising on TV simply wasn't enough goading to buy more stuff? Ever wish advertisers could push links into your hands to buy the stuff they thought you'd want? Well, guess what! eBay does! Watch with eBay wins the crass consumerism award of the day, an unholy combination of watching TV and shopping. Using location data to tap into your local viewing schedule, the app will offer you purchases based on what's on the tube then and there. … [Read more...]

How to Spot a Fake iPhone

Fake iPhone

If you're looking to get an iPhone as a gift for a friend or loved one, you've probably come across some very realistic fakes if you've been looking online at all, particularly if you've visited eBay or other online retailers. How do you make sure that you get a real iPhone out of all of the impostors out there? Well, that's what this installment in our Learning iPhone series is here to help you with! Now let's figure out how to spot a fake iPhone. … [Read more...]