Review of TED for iPad and iPhone


For those unfamiliar with TED, here is a quick background.  First of all, the acronym stands for Technology Entertainment Design.  TED is a large set of conferences which host presenters on various topics including, Technology, Entertainment, Design, and more.  More importantly, TED is a think tank.  The talks performed on TED are sometimes thought provoking, sometimes inspirational, and sometimes revolutionary.  iPhone and iPad apps are available for download which will give you complete access to the TED talks and content.  This learning tool is a great way to expand your breadth of knowledge and learn new and almost always - interesting things.  … [Read more...]

Designing Books On The iPad


Craig Mod has written a very interesting issue about book design and the iPad, and how and why this becomes important. To start with, he makes the excellent point that for all the cries about the death of print, the novels which will most likely be lost are cheap paperbacks that aren't designed to last for a particularly long time anyway. These blocks of text will easily translate to a digital format.He also defines two types of content: definite and formless. The latter are novels and non-fiction where the container it's in doesn't matter, as it's pure text and it translates fine from book to computer screen to mobile device to tablet.On the other hand, definite content is produces with the limitations of its media explicitly in … [Read more...]