Making the Switch: Two Ways to Transfer Contacts and Calendars from BlackBerry to iPhone

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Not excited about BlackBerry 10 and finally decided to make the switch from BlackBerry to iPhone. The biggest part of the transition is likely going from a physical keyboard to the on-screen touch keyboard, but we promise you’ll be banging out emails and texts in no time. To help get you moved, here’s how to transfer your contacts from BlackBerry to iPhone. Stay tuned for other switch guides as part of our continuing efforts to help users make the switch to iPhone and iOS. … [Read more...]

Making the Switch: Transfer Contacts and Calendars from Android to iPhone

Switch Android to iPhone

Have you or are you considering a switch from Android to iPhone? There are a number of considerations to prepare and make that jump to the iOS platform. We’ve outlined all the steps to make the transition, along with helpful tips on what you can expect on the other side. In this edition of making the switch, we'll help you transfer your contacts and calendars from Android to your new iPhone. This tutorial makes the assumption that you are currently using Google apps on your Android device for your contacts and calendars. Setting up Gmail in iOS It’s easy to setup Gmail for use with the Mail app on iOS. Navigate to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars Select Add Account Select Gmail Type in your full Gmail email … [Read more...]

How to backup iPhone contacts

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When you own an iPhone, one of the most important things you will have to do is to back up your contacts. This is necessary so that you don’t lose any of your information on individuals you consider friends, family and acquaintances. Performing this task will ensure that you will always have your contacts on hand, even if you lose your iPhone or have no choice but to perform a hard reset, which in essence wipes out all of your data. Here's how to backup iPhone contacts using iTunes, iCloud and iOS 5.1. … [Read more...]