Apple Should Offer iPhone 6 With Wood, Color Customization Options

iPhone 6 wood back

We're still months away from an iPhone 6 release date. While the focus has been on the bigger display that has been the subject of many rumors, there are no indications yet that Apple's going to do much differently when it comes to color and customization options. Last year's iPhone 5s added gold as a color option, but why stop there? In a landscape dominated by black and white smartphones, veering off that path might be a good idea. … [Read more...]

Rumor: Apple To Purchase Color?


The video and audio sharing service Color has had a rocky life. It launched with $41 million in backing¬†in 2011, with a huge amount of hype, and the promptly no-one used it. Earlier this week, it was reported the service was to shutdown, which the company then denied.¬†And now, the most bizarre rumor: that Apple has acquired this whole mess for millions of dollars. … [Read more...]