Tips For Keeping Your iPhone Safe From The Cruel Summer

Tips iPhone safe

It was a warm summer night and I had been leaning back in adirondack chair, enjoying a cold Samuel Adams as the warm breeze reminded me that summer was upon us. The moment was short lived. Being the parent to an active toddler, chasing her to prevent her from [jumping in pool, pulling on a dogs tail, insert any incredibly poor decision] is a common occurrence. Jumping into action, my phone slid out of my front pocket, landing flat on the pavement. Summer was here, the season responsible for the untimely deaths of so many smartphones. Smashed screens, water damage, theft and loss become commonplace during the season of summer. The cost of repairing or replacing an iPhone, even with Apple Car, can be expensive. Summer should fun, but nothing … [Read more...]

Spigen SGP Saturn Case Review: Near Perfect Companion for Gold iPhone


The introduction and subsequent release of the iPhone 5s has seen a renewed interest in all things gold, including cases and accessories. If you managed to secure a gold iPhone 5s, the natural inclination is to find a case that looks good with it. For those with an iPhone 5 and suffering from a bit of gold envy, cases can be a great way to infuse a bit of life or color into an older phone. Looking to capitalize on the gold rush is Spigen/SGP, who have announced all new cases, many of which are available in a champagne gold. I took a look at the Spigen/SGP Saturn case for iPhone 5s to see how it paired with the gold iPhone 5s. Read on for our full review to see if  it's a perfect companion? … [Read more...]

Belkin Grip Candy Sheer iPhone 5 Case Review

belkin grip candy sheer case review

The Belkin Grip Candy Sheer Case for iPhone 5 aims to find the right mix of minimal protection with good looks. On the packaging, it reads “Inspired By You, Designed By Belkin”. So is it inspired enough to be the right case for you. Read on for our comprehensive Belkin Grip Candy Sheer iPhone 5 case review, complete with photo gallery. … [Read more...]

SwitchEasy Tones Case for iPhone 5 Review

SwitchEasy Tones case iPhone 5 review

I remember when I first held the iPhone 5. It felt fake. Incredibly thin and light, in part due to the aluminum casing, which apparently is susceptible to scuffing. Some say scuffing adds character, but I’m not in that crowd. I like my devices to remain as if they were just removed from the box. I’m willing to take the trade-off of added bulk for an iPhone that stays in pristine condition. That being said, I’m always conflicted because I want to experience the thin, light design of the iPhone 5 as intended by Jony Ive and company. I was eager to try the latest from SwitchEasy, a manufacturer I’d heard plenty of over the years, but never had a chance to test out. Read on for my full SwitchEasy Tones Case for iPhone 5 review to see if this is … [Read more...]

Uncommon iPhone 4S Case Review

Uncommon iPhone case review

If you find yourself looking for something different when shopping for an iPhone case, then you might have come across Uncommon iPhone cases. As the name suggests, these are cases that in many ways differ from the rest. They offer three different case products for the iPhone 4/4S, the Capsule, Deflector and Loop. The real differentiation comes with the design choices, with literally thousands of different artwork as well as the ability to customize a case with your own photo. Ultimately, this is a case with the intended purpose of protecting your iPhone, so how does it fare? Read on for our comprehensive Uncommon iPhone 4S case review. … [Read more...]

Incase Slider Case for iPhone 4S Review

Incase Slider iPhone 4S Review

Having used a number of cases over the years, you develop favorites. If a case is popular enough, the manufacturer will usually come out with a follow-up. Like your favorite movie, sometimes the sequel is even better than the first. For this reason, I was looking forward to using the InCase Slider for the iPhone 4S, a follow-up to the popular case for the iPhone 3G/3GS. Like it’s predecessor, the InCase Slider comes in two pieces that slide together to create one case. The shell of the Slider is constructed of hard, yet lightweight plastic. On the inside of the case, they have included rubber guardrails, which InCase claims will assist in shock absorption in the event of an untimely spill. With the iPhone sitting flat, you … [Read more...]

Ballistic Life Style iPhone 4/4S Case Review

Ballistic Life Style iPhone 4S Case Review

When it comes to iPhone cases, there are more options when it comes to rugged protection. Let’s face it, who wants to drop $400 on an iPhone 4S only to have it shatter into a million pieces. One such case maker in this category is Ballistic. They offer a customizable protective case called the Ballistic Life Style. The Ballistic Life Style is not a hard plastic case, but a gel skin. I found the case to be very rigid. While feeling solid, it retains some of the flexibility you’d find in a silicone case. Next to the display, the most vulnerable areas on the iPhone are the corners. Drop your iPhone and there is a 33% chance it lands on one of those corners. Ballistic has done something interesting in that they have bumper inserts for … [Read more...]

Caring for Your iPhone


So, now that you've gotten your new iPhone all set up and have even learned how to create custom ringtones for it, how about protecting it from accidental damage and keeping it in tip-top shape for as long as possible? If you paid full price for your iPhone or used a precious upgrade with your carrier to get it, you probably want to make sure that nothing bad happens to it since replacing it could easily cost a lot of money and repairing it is not always cheap or easy either. Read on for some tips and links to help you keep your iPhone safe and sound. … [Read more...]