iOS 6 and Great Expectations

iOS 6

On Monday, you can expect Tim Cook, Phil Schiller among other Apple executives taking the stage at WWDC. From a mobile perspective, the focus will be squarely focused on software. Despite recent rumors and part leaks, there will be no new iPhone 5 or 7-inch iPad mini making their debut. The new iPhone is all but a sure thing for this fall, perhaps as early as September, but almost a certainty by October. The 7-inch iPad must shed its unicorn roots before it debuts. Monday will bring the next major update to Apple’s operating system when we see what new features will be unveiled in iOS 6. Image credit: CNET … [Read more...]

Apple Cracking Down On Non-Developer iOS 5 Users

According to, people who have been getting access to iOS 5 but aren't developers might soon be facing Apple's wrath. Apparently, Apple knows which developers passed on their UDID's to non-developers for money, allowing people who weren't meant to have early access on to the OS. Developers are given a finite number of slots with their account in order for them to run an early version of iOS to test. There's a bit of a black market trade in these slots, which Apple is now chasing down. Apple has been sending out emails to developers accused of this, and then banning their accounts from the developer's program — leaving their phones non-functional. Apparently you can downgrade to get out of it, but that's not much fun if … [Read more...]