AT&T Relents On FaceTime Restrictions

Remember how AT&T decided that, in order to use FaceTime over LTE, you needed a shared data plan? That decision from August generated a quick backlash, and even legal actions. Now it looks like AT&T has conceded, and will allow all customers to use FaceTime over data, as long as they have a tiered LTE plan they have. … [Read more...]

Net Neutrality Complaints Fired At AT&T For FaceTime Over Cellular

Earlier this year, AT&T announced that you'd need a new, shared data plan to take advantage of FaceTime over Cellular. While AT&T doubled down on this unpopular move, questions were raised if this might fall afoul of the FCC. Now three groups have gone ahead and done just that, bringing an official net neutrality complaint to the FCC. … [Read more...]

AT&T’s Transgressions Leading To Mass Exodus To Verizon For iPhone 5?

AT&T to Verizon iPhone 5

When the dust settles after a new iPhone launch, people shift gears, thinking about contracts, carriers and subsidies. During the first few years, there were no choices. If you planned on getting a new iPhone, your choices started and ended with AT&T. That all changed when Verizon got the iPhone in February,2011 followed by Sprint in October, 2011. While there are always a few customers who jump ship, there isn’t the groundswell that appears to be happening with the iPhone 5. After years of questionable policies that adversely affected iPhone users, an unprecedented level of discontent with AT&T looks to bring a good number of new customers to Verizon Wireless for the new iPhone 5. When Unlimited Is No Longer Unlimited Back … [Read more...]

AT&T Says Keep Your Unlimited Plans, Verizon Says No, As Carriers Compete For iPhone 5 Customers


We know the basics of what the different data and voice plans on each of the carriers will be for the iPhone 5, but today an awful lot of more granular questions are being answered. The big weight on a lot of people's minds relates to grandfathered unlimited data plans. The good news? AT&T has said that users can keep their unlimited data plans, so that continues to be grandfathered in, with the caveat that after 5GB, your speeds get throttled (and increase of the previous 3GB limit.) On the flip side, Verizon will not allow you to keep your unlimited plans unless you buy the phone off subsidy — that means dropping $649+ or your iPhone. If you want to keep the subsidy and pay $199 for the iPhone 5, you have to be on a share … [Read more...]

Compare iPhone 5 Plans on Verizon, AT&T and Sprint

Compare iPhone 5 plans

Apple today announced the iPhone 5 release for September 21st, with pre-orders starting on September 14th. The new iPhone 5 features support for new, faster 4G LTE services, available on Verizon Wireless, AT&T and Sprint. So which carrier should you choose when jumping to the iPhone 5? Read on as we compare iPhone 5 plans on Verizon, AT&T and Sprint. We’ll guide you through confusing process and help you find a plan that makes sense for you. Coverage Maps First things first. This is not the same service you are accustomed to with your current service, provided you haven’t been using a different operating system that supports 4G LTE. These are entirely new networks, built around LTE, so data coverage maps have changed. … [Read more...]

AT&T Digs In On FaceTime Policy, Continues To Defend The Indefensible

Over the past few weeks, AT&T has been under fire for their move to charge additional for customers looking to use Apple's FaceTime over their cellular network, the latest decision that exemplifies corporate thuggery. Up until now, FaceTime required a WiFi connection. One of the new features in iOS 6 is the ability to make a FaceTime video call over cellular. Early beta testers on AT&T's network received a notification to contact AT&T regarding the need to enable FaceTime. This was followed up by AT&T's CEO Randall Stephenson's comment that it was "too early to talk", which the became "you'll need a new AT&T Shared Data Plan to use FaceTime over cellular". The backlash from consumers continued with talk that AT&T's … [Read more...]

How do I check when my AT&T contract ends?

Screen Shot 2012-04-06 at 2.43.21 PM

AT&T has finally deigned to unlock iPhones that are out of contract — but how do you know if you're off contract or not? If you were wondering how do I check when my AT&T contract ends, follow this short guide. If you're on an iPhone 4 or 4S, the chances are you're on contract — unless you bought it unsubsidized. To find out the day your contract ends, head over to AT&T's My Profile page, and it'll show you the date. I got my iPhone 4 on launch day, so my contract expires 06/24/2012  — which I imagine is the same for a lot of our readers. If you picked up an iPhone 4S on launch day, your contract will expire on 10/07/2013, and anyone with an older iPhone is most likely off contract. If you're stuck on the contract, and … [Read more...]

AT&T Will Unlock Your Out Of Contract iPhone Starting This Sunday


According to Engadget, AT&T will undergo a shift in policy with regards to unlocking out of contract iPhones. Their source says that starting Sunday, customers with an account that is both in good standing and out of contract will be able to request a carrier unlock code for their iPhone. This means that your iPhone could be used with any microSIM card. One would think this would apply to your old iPhone, so it might be time to dust off that iPhone 3GS or whatever lurks in your desk drawer. Free iPhone unlocks for everyone! An AT&T representative wouldn't confirm nor deny this report, other than to say that "a policy change concerning iPhones" would happen this Sunday. UPDATE: AT&T has issued the following statement to … [Read more...]

AT&T Threatens Small Claims Winner

Late in February a man took AT&T to small claims court over the throttling of his unlimited data plan — and won. This article was one of our most commented on in recent memory, and showed a deep-seated dissatisfaction with the way AT&T has treated its customers (as well as the huge amounts of data some of our readers use). Ma Bell is unlikely to get in anyone's good books with how they've responded to the lawsuit, alternately looking to settle, and threatening the winner. … [Read more...]