Brewster for iPhone Review


With so many devices, apps, and social networks in existence, your friends, families, and acquaintances are sure to be on a list somewhere.  Whether that somewhere is in Facebook, your iPhone’s contact list, or just sitting in your Gmail account; Brewster aims to help you round up that mess into an organized one-stop-shop.  Read on to learn about its uses and features in our Brewster for iPhone review. … [Read more...] for iPad Review


Searching for a local SportsRadio to my area, I came across an iPad (and iPhone) app called  While many radio app exists, quickly became one of my go-to radio apps.  Featuring Music, News, and Sports Radio’s – there is truly a taste of everything held inside this one.  Read on for more details. … [Read more...]

IBM Think for iPad Review


IBM has been around quite a while; over 100 years.  Throughout their lifespan they have been a hardware and software manufacturer, as well as a corporate service provider and consumer electronics manufacturer.  If it has to do with technology, they’ve probably had a role.  I imagine it must be difficult for such a company to frame out and release an app to the public which tries to portray how they Think.  Read on for our comprehensive IBM Think for iPad review. … [Read more...]

Trap!t for iPad Review


We all enjoy the fact that the iPad, along with certain apps, can deliver our interests to us in the form of websites, photos, videos, and more.  Trap!t is kind of a mix between StumbleUpon, Flipboard, and Pandora.  Like all three, Trap!t will require you to give some input in regards to your interest.  Then, in a Flipboard style, it will deliver blogs and magazines to you based on those interests.  If you love to read about what you love, then read on for our full Trap!t for iPad review, because you'll love this app. … [Read more...]

Food Network: On The Road App for iPad Review


The Food Network is an immensely popular channel these days.  In an attempt to extend their reach into the mobile world, they have created the On The Road App.  This app will allow you to create Road Trips based on Food Spots, or choose Food Spots based on Road Trips.  Join us as we take you through this food lover’s app in our Food Network: On The Road App for iPad review. The First Launch After a quick animation, and instruction screen, you will be presented with a few pictures of restaurants virtually pinned on the screen.  This entire screen is scrollable, and the related restaurants are actually organized by TV shows.  This means the app presents you with featured restaurants from their programming as options to add into a road … [Read more...]

Solar Walk for iPad Review


Solar Walk is a magnificently created app from Vito Technology Inc. We expected no less after using and reviewing another popular Vito Technology Inc. App, Star Walk.  Unlike Star Walk, where the sky is viewable, albeit impressively from a single vantage point, Solar Walk will allow you to zoom into various celestial objects, changing the rest of the sky as you go.  Join us as we take you through a detailed look at all the features in our Solar Walk for iPad review. … [Read more...]

Wunderlist for iPad and iPhone Review


To Do apps are a staple of mobile computing.  Even the first PDAs (which were ironically made by Apple - called the Newton MessagePad 2100), featured To-Do Lists.  Mobile technology has come a long way from there, but the principle of the To-Do list has remained the same.  Join us as we take you through our review of a true 21st century To-Do List for the iPhone and iPad: Wunderlist. … [Read more...]

WatchESPN for iPad and iPhone Review


Among the most popular of the love streaming apps is WatchESPN. The name is pretty self explanatory and the app does exact what it seems - it allows you to watch live and recorded sporting events. With Wimbledon currently underway, WatchESPN is a sport lovers paradise; allowing the viewers to watch every match currently underway. Read on for WatchESPN for iPad and iPhone review. … [Read more...]

360 Panoramic for iPad and iPhone Review


Creating a panoramic photo can be an easy task, assuming you have the right camera.  While the stock Camera app built into iOS does not come with a panoramic feature, the app store is here to help in a big way.  An app which has been around for a while called 360 Panoramic is the premier panoramic making app for iOS.  Once you use it, you’ll see why.  Read on as we take you through a detailed 360 Panoramic for iPad and iPhone review. … [Read more...]