Review: Tweetbot Twitter App for iPhone

Tweetbot Review

During the past few years, I’ve grown obsessed with Twitter clients for the iPhone. The number of quality Twitter apps for the iPhone dwarfs those available on other platforms. For many, myself included, Tweetie had been my tweet weapon of choice. After Twitter bought Atebits, I transitioned to the official Twitter app, which was essentially an upgraded version of Tweetie. Great features and at the always fantastic price of free. Now under the corporate branch of Twitter, there have been some questionable decisions regarding features (see Quick Bar) and you have to wonder just how long before they introduce another new ‘feature’. Thankfully, the wealth of Twitter increased by one with the release of Tweetbot from Tapbots. These are the … [Read more...]

App Review: GetGlue, the Homebody Alternative to FourSquare

For the consistently homebound who don't get much use out of apps like FourSquare that display the nightly travels of imbibers, the new GetGlue app attempts to fill the void. Instead of checking into restaurants, bars, or coffee shops, GetGlue lets you "check in" when watching a movie or TV show, reading a book, listening to music, playing a video game, and even discussing a topic. Use the app to connect with friends via Facebook and Twitter to share what you're doing and get recommendations for new movies and books based on your history. … [Read more...]

App Review: Sleep Blaster Keeps You From Sleeping Through Your Train Stop

Amid a sea of useless, quirky, and rarely helpful alarm clock apps one has emerged that could potentially be just the thing frequent nappers have been looking for. The new Sleep Blaster app claims to be able to sound an alarm when you've reached a specific geographical location on a map—think: your stop on the subway train. Another one of its features allows you to simply yell at your iPhone to snooze or stop an alarm, but I have a few issues with the idea that someone who needs a better alarm clock would benefit much from an alarm you don't have to get up to turn off. [via P.O.O.P.T.] Check out the full review after the jump … [Read more...]

App Review: Amp Music Player – the Best New iPod Alternative?


At the risk of starting an all-out comment war about the terrors of third-party music player apps, it must be said: Most third-party music players for the iPhone are not up to par. Close the app, the music stops. Load your entire library, face endless glitches and crashes. But a new music player app released last week shows some serious potential for a great iPod alternative, maybe even an iPod replacement. With options for skins, editable playlists, and social sharing integration, Amp Music Player is definitely luring me away from my frenemy that is my iPod. Check out the full review after the jump … [Read more...]

Review: Opera Mini Browser App Lives up to the Hype


Much hullabaloo was made leading up to the approval and release of the Opera Mini web browsing app in the iPhone App Store. Those who were familiar: "This is going to be the best app of all time! An app-pocalypse, even!" Those who weren't familiar: "I don't need another music composition app on my iPhone, thanks." Well, Opera Mini landed a few weeks ago, and after giving it a whirl, I've come to a conclusion that I'll cheat and reveal before the jump: It's not an "app-pocalypse," but this is definitely the best web browsing app available for the iPhone. … [Read more...]

App Review: “This American Life” finally releases content-heavy app


Many regular listeners of the long-running, popular NPR narratives show "This American Life" heavily depend on the show's free iTunes podcast to keep up with the weekly programs. But for the past few years or so, it's been hard not to notice that the show seems to be struggling finance-wise, as the host, Ira Glass, regularly pleads (or suggests) that listeners contribute or donate money to the show to help get the iTunes podcast free. Well, it's surprising that it took them this long, but the crew over at "This American Life" may have hit a small money jackpot, as they have finally released a "This American Life" iPhone app. At a seemingly pricey $2.99, the app is chock full of content and extras, and will be worth the price for any … [Read more...]