How to add and view iCloud calendars in Google Calendar

iCloud calendar in Google Calendar

Using iCloud for your calendars is a no-brainer for those who live and work on Macs, iPhones and iPads. There are times however when you might want to use other popular calendar services, in addition to iCloud. For example, you may use Google Calendar for work and would like access to your home calendar. Sure you could login to iCloud from any Mac or PC to access your calendars, but wouldn't it be easier to have them accessible from Google? There are also the scenarios where a Mac user decides on an Android phone or tablet, where Google services rule the roost. With a few steps, you can access your iCloud calendars through Google Calendar, include real-time updates of any changes. … [Read more...]

Will iOS 8 and A Bigger Display Bring Android Users Back To iPhone?

128GB iPhone 6

Strange as this might sound, but people do leave the iPhone for other phones, namely those running Google's Android operating system. Peruse our forums and for the longest time, complaints have been about the smallish display of the iPhone. When Apple bumped the size from 3.5-inches to 4.0-inches, devices from HTC and Samsung were pushing out phones with 4.7-inch displays. The display size creep continued with behemoths like the Note, which effectively created a new Phablet category. If you wanted a phone with a larger display, there were no shortage of offerings from 4.3-inches and upward. Apple to date, has stuck with the 4.0-inch screen for the past two years. History shows us that even if Apple wanted to 'go big', last year was an 's' … [Read more...]

Apple Responds To iMessage Flap Promising Future Software Fix


Following a number of online complaints and the filing of a class action lawsuit, Apple has commented on customer concerns over not receiving text messages when switching to phones, other than the iPhone. The problem presents itself when a user decides to leave the iPhone and disable iMessage. Despite taking the proper steps to disable iMessage, customers often find themselves unable to receive text messages from users with iPhones. The issue has been perculating for years, with Apple's customer support offering a myriad of fixes that have mixed results. A recent server glitch accentuated the problem for some users. An Apple support document notes a 45-day waiting period for a phone number to be completely deactivated by the iMessage … [Read more...]

How to disable iMessage when switching to Android

Read receipts iMessage

If you are an iPhone user that has decided to switch to Android, the transition can be an exercise in frustration if you have used Apple's iMessage service. Heck, sometimes iOS users have a love–hate relationship with Apple's SMS replacement. And herein lies the problem, iMessage essentially takes over the role of sending and receiving SMS messages. If you are on a limited texting plan, this makes for a great feature, since it does not count as a text. As long as you have unlimited data, you're good. For those who decide to test the waters with another platform, it's not that easy to break free from the clutches of iMessage. As a result, the first experience for folks switching from iPhone to Android has not been stellar. Imagine moving to … [Read more...]

How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android

how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android

For some iPhone users, there may come a time when they either want or need to use an Android device. Whether it is for work, pleasure or simply testing the waters, switching from iPhone to Android is made easier when you can bring all of your data with you. The most important for most folks are contacts. Thankfully, the process is relatively painless and your iPhone will retain all of its contacts, which is handy if you are carrying both devices or end up switching back. Here’s how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android and begin syncing your contacts with Google. … [Read more...]

Report: iPhone Sales Overtake Android Again


Is the iPhone back on the upswing? Despite being by far the most popular individual handset on the market, Android has generally had a larger market share — thanks in part to the huge number of different models available. One analytics company believes that the current iPhone 5 is doing so well, that it has bumped Android out of the top spot. … [Read more...]

How Apple’s iOS Updates Are Just Killing The Competition

Earlier this summer, Apple introduced the forthcoming release of the next major update to iOS. Just yesterday, iOS 6 was released to the masses or at least those with an iPhone 3GS or greater. The yearly updates offer hundreds of new features. Not all features make it to older, legacy devices. As features become more advanced and require more powerful hardware, it’s simply not feasible to include them on old hardware. While it causes frustration of feeling left out, they are doing you a favor. Forcing features that require processing power would bring your iPhone to a crawl isn’t consumer friendly. Taking a look at the competitive landscape, you’d be surprised at just how good iPhone users have got it. Support for older devices The … [Read more...]

Making the Switch: Transfer Contacts and Calendars from Android to iPhone

Switch Android to iPhone

Have you or are you considering a switch from Android to iPhone? There are a number of considerations to prepare and make that jump to the iOS platform. We’ve outlined all the steps to make the transition, along with helpful tips on what you can expect on the other side. In this edition of making the switch, we'll help you transfer your contacts and calendars from Android to your new iPhone. This tutorial makes the assumption that you are currently using Google apps on your Android device for your contacts and calendars. Setting up Gmail in iOS It’s easy to setup Gmail for use with the Mail app on iOS. Navigate to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars Select Add Account Select Gmail Type in your full Gmail email … [Read more...]

How To Enable Android-Style Autocorrect Bar In iOS 5

Android autocorrect bar in iOS 5

Hidden in iOS 5 is Android-style autocorrect bar that offers spelling suggestions and shortcuts as you start typing. Like the Panorama feature, this too is hidden in iOS 5. Sonny Dickson by way of 9to5Mac shows us how to enable it. Download iBackupBot Backup your iPhone/iPod in iTunes Open iBackupBot and find the backup, then load it. Find Library/Preferences/ and open the file. (if your software isn’t registered you’ll have to press cancel and then it will open) Add in the following code:KeyboardAutocorrectionListsYES Save your modifications, and then restore from backup from within iBackupbot. Source: SonnyDickson via 9to5Mac … [Read more...]

Analyst: Apple Using Free iPhone 3GS To Fight Android Army


With the release of the iPhone 4S, the price of the iPhone 4 was subsequently dropped to $99. The bigger price move might have been the iPhone 3GS, which can now be had for free, with the standard 2-year agreement. Analyst Shaw Wu believes the iPhone 3GS will account for almost 20% of iPhone sales this quarter. The move helps Apple compete against the army of Android phones that are being released. While the iPhone 3GS does not have Siri or other features of the iPhone 4S, it's still an extremely capable phone. Plus, it runs iOS 5, the latest iteration of Apple's iPhone software. Google's Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich software will only be available on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Even Google's own flagship Nexus One will not be able … [Read more...]