Report: iPhone Sales Overtake Android Again


Is the iPhone back on the upswing? Despite being by far the most popular individual handset on the market, Android has generally had a larger market share — thanks in part to the huge number of different models available. One analytics company believes that the current iPhone 5 is doing so well, that it has bumped Android out of the top spot. … [Read more...]

Distimo: App Store Revenue And Sales Are Growing Thanks To In-App Purchases

Screen Shot 2012-07-27 at 8.29.34 AM

On the fourth anniversary of the App Store, Distimo has released a report analyzing the overall trends that have been hitting this marketplace over the last few years. Looking over that report, it's remarkable how big the App Store has grown, but also how much it has changed. … [Read more...]

App Store Analysis Show Interesting Trends


Two recent analyses of the app store have come to light, both of which show interesting trends in development and use, which will doubtless be of great interest to developers. Flurry analytics have released their monthly datagasm covering the world of smartphones. Firstly, they showed that users get bored of apps very quickly. User retention from both the iPhone and Android marketplaces was remarkably similar, with only around 40% of people sticking with an app over a month, which rapidly plummets to 10% after three months. They also showed that the announcement of the iPad fired up a huge amount of developer interest, and they saw a massive jump in the number of projects started for the platform. This was the largest spike in their … [Read more...]

Retrovo: “iPad Hoopla Fails to Convince Buyers”


Electronics marketplace Retrovo have put together some numbers about the lead up to the iPad, if it lived up to to the hype, and if people were planning on picking one up. They polled 1000 random users before the announcement, and 1000 after, and compared the results. While Retrovo is painting the general public as disappointed, the graph above shows that the big increase is in people who have heard of the iPad and are not interested in buying one, where there's a massive drop in people who haven't heard of it. This reflects the fact that more people were made aware of the device. The number of people who think they want to buy one tripled from 3% to 9%. That said, the second chart is a bit more clear on the matter, as … [Read more...]